1. When you equip two different arrow quivers, which one's stats are applied?

    When you equip two different arrow quivers, say a Legendary Bodkin Arrows and regular Bodkin Arrows, which one's stats are applied? Does it: - Take the best of each stat from either quivers - Take all the stats of the best quiver - Use the topmost or bottom most arranged quiver - Take the...
  2. bannerlord sadak yeri

    bu resimdeki gibi sadak karakterin sırtında olsa sizce de daha iyi olmaz mı
  3. Halvdan

    Armor lack of effectiveness Devs should consider

    Armor is ny effective against projectile weapons. This makes very little sense if a shield can completely block an arrow there should be a damage reduction that is significant when wearing late armor of some variety and being shot with an arrow. It makes Archer units way to overpowered. And...
  4. BL Crash Camp bandit des montagne

    Bonjour tout le monde ! Ca fait plusieurs fois que j'expérimente ce facheux événement, j'ai pas touché bannerlord depuis quelques mois, et pensant que c'ait été fixé je viens de faire l'acte interdit : j'ai ordonné à mes troupes de refill dans le ''arrow barrel'' en étant dans un camp...
  5. Resolved Buggy Arrow Barrel: I cant refill my arrows

    Summary: I cant refill my arrows from the arrow barrel. The command does not appear. How to Reproduce: Open main menu > play custom game > choose siege battle > play > start the siege > shoot 1-2 arrows to make space in the quiver > find arrow barrel > bug. Scene Name (if related): Custom...
  6. SP - Battles & Sieges Descent 2 style idea when arrow/bolt firing

    I'm possibly alone in this suggestion and I'm not sure as to its feasibility, though let's throw it out there anyway. Did anybody ever play Descent 2? If you did, you might remember that when you fired a missile from your ship, at the bottom-right it would have a small "first person" camera...
  7. MightyMidgit

    [Beta e1.4.0] Projectiles now dealing ridiculous damage.

    Summary: Damage calculations for projectiles in the game has changed, making them deal ridiculous damage. Note that my throwing skill in the image below is 23 and that the javelins are only tier 2. Also with good armor I was dealt 83 damage by a javelin in the arm while backpedaling. This damage...
  8. hsngrms

    SP Native Fantasy Throwing Arrow - No Bow Required

    1000 ARROWs you can THROW by your hand Click gif image to go download page on nexus mods. Throw these arrows with your bare hand. You don't need Bow anymore. Based on throwing skill. No level requirement, anyone can use. 1000 arrows for every stack / quiver. Flame trail visual effect when...
  9. SP - Economy Nerf Khuzait But Also Don't

    Their military strenth is realistic in my opinion. They can be nerfed politically by not giving them some policies like Magistrates, Senate (suggest more below) Also nerfing bow and arrow slightly could help balancing khuzait
  10. DIzzyStyle

    Resolved [BUG] Battle Equipped, Spare Arrows perks doesn't work

    Summary: I have 3 stack of 32 arrows. I have Spare Arrows (+3 total +9) perk and Battle equipped (+6 total +18 ) perk => i will have only 96 arrows on the battle field instead of (32+9)*3=123. How to Reproduce: Just learn perks Version: 1.0.8 Media (Screenshots & Video):
  11. Kniggit

    Need More Info Crash when Unit and myself pick up same arrow in battlefield.

    I checked the known crash reports, did not see this issue. I also submitted the logs via the crash uploader when it occurred, also adding it here as well. Issue: - Crash when I try to "Fill"(pickup) a loose arrow at the same time as one of my archer troops attempts to pick up the same arrow...
  12. SP - General Arrow damage vs siege weapons

    Hello Could you please reduce or null the archers/crossbowman damage against siege weapons? Specially RAM and Towers. If you manage to avoid getting owned by the defense siege weapons it is quite fustrating to loose your siege equiptment to simple arrows. Thanks
  13. Need More Info Skill perks not applied in battle for ranged weapons

    e1.0.5 Medium end rig (4770K/GTX970/16Gigs Ram) Can be reproduced in every single campaign map battle when these perks are acquired, ones that add extra projectiles do not function at all. The bonus in the skill tree that add extra arrows to your quiver or extra thrown projectiles does not...
  14. Where to mod arrow vendor price?

    Of the many things I modded in warband that I attempted to mod in Bannerlord today was arrow quantity. I managed to set all the arrow quiver sizes to 250 for QoL, the issue is it seems the price to vendors is now based on the arrows themselves, where I swore warband had the vendor price set at...
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