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  1. In Progress EU Servers down

    You seem to have no idea of how software development on a larger codebase works. Not in theory nor in actual reality.

    Quote from the steam page:

    Being rude doesnt help anyone. If you are unhappy with the state of things come back later.

    If you understand that MP is not in the focus atm then you can expect bugs & crashes with the amount of changes they make.. Yea it would be lovely if it would be stable but its not and wont be for some time. The devs work hard at it.

    If I was wrong and you actually have any idea about development you can maybe influence that progress yourself:
    or as a user try to be useful: report bugs etc.

    or their resources are spent on different areas other than your particular problem.
    I understand your point, however the major part of it is just bull****ing. I laughed at the part "The devs work hard at it.". You know in the real world (outside Vlandia) your work is measured by the results, and in the real world nobody gives a flying f, how hard you try. This is not the school volleyball competition where you finish 16th place and they say "good job boy, u will try harder next time".

    Multiplayer is the same part of the game as single player. It's not an add-on, not an expansion, it's part of it. And if I can't play 10 minutes without a server crash or a bug, I think I have the right to call it a **** game at it's current state.
  2. In Progress EU Servers down

    Szalonka. Not cool. No need for agression. Game *hasnt* been released yet, its EA at this point. Also if u would take care to look around you would notice that they r focusing on SP.
    There is no agression in my comment. It is not a beta or open beta game, you can buy it for actual money (btw it's the price of a AAA game) so stop pretending to be some kind of indie game, where you can not expect **** for your money. We have the same issues for more than a year now, so I guess they don't know wtf they are doing.
  3. In Progress EU Servers down

    EU servers are crashing since game release. On a scale from 1 to 10, how incompetent are you?
  4. Resolved Game Crashes on Armory Page (used to happen prior to the latest patch)

    these constant crashes are ****ing annoying. I don't know who is responsible for this, but doing a great job to scare that very few people who still wants to play this crapy game.
  5. Resolved LOGIN FAILED - couldn't receive login result from server

    Same here. I tought I got banned finaly.
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