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  1. Need More Info Bad performance

    Sorry for your inconvenience. We will be adding an in game profiler which can record the reasons of bad performance and spikes next patch. You will be able to invoke it yourself. Then, you can send us the file so that we can learn why the game is running poorly. Thanks for the feedback. Hope you start enjoying the game as soon as possible.
    Thank you for your help. I can't wait for the patch.
  2. Need More Info Bad performance

    Hi, do you have this problem on campaign map and in towns, or do you mean you have bad performance during battle? Also, what's the maximum battle size you've set?
    In towns it lags when I enter it, but after some time it would be normal until i fight someone in the town (btw, loading for the town is very long). If you mean sieges, yes it is bad. Campaign map is fine. My maximum battle size is 400. The battles (in the field) are now playable, but it's still not good.
  3. Need More Info Bad performance

    Hello. I have a very bad stuttering and low fps + long loading screens (lowest graphics settings). But only in singleplayer campaign, multiplayer and custom battles are completely fine. I have been waiting since launch for optimalization update. But none of the updates worked for me. So now I'm...
  4. Resolved Can't load my game

    Hi, this issue should be fixed with the last patch. Please update me if you encounter any issues regarding this issue again. You can review the patch notes via the link below.
    It is working again. Thanks for the patch!
  5. Resolved I can´t load my games saved with patch 1.03!!!

    Same here. TALEWORLDS WHY?
  6. Resolved Save crash after patch

    Same here.
  7. In Progress Crash upon loading save.

    I can't load my saved game. The game just freezes on the loading screen, then crashes a moment later.
    Same here.
  8. Resolved Can't load my game

    When I try to load my game, it crashes in the loading screen. I have multiple saves, but none of them work. I don't want to start over because this was my 30 hours save. If you could help me, that would be great. Thanks!
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