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    Gibby's Video Thread

    I'm so proud of my Senate boys
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    Poland vs NA discussion thread

    NA players finally redeemed themselves after being **** on by EU players in their own tournaments for 9 years straight, nice. Then again, you literally beat cancer last night so Ima cheer for you in the finals  :party:
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    [ESSC III] 2x2 - Tournament over! - Congratulations to Gibby & Arni

    Sorry for the delay! I think Ascarion and me got the default anyway but we won 18-15 against Leonidas&Haakon
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    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 5

    That crash was such a pity, GGs nonetheless.
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    [NC2019] Questions & Suggestions

    That actually sucks lmao
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    [NC2019] Questions & Suggestions

    There is a high chance of China playing against one of the Argentinian teams in playoffs. How is that going to be handled?
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    [NC2019] Group Stage Week 1

    In case it happens again: why not let the round time go to zero while staying in spawn and agree on not buying anything new? In that case *most* of the equipment stays the same and no team will have a disadvantage when the whole map is being restarted.
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    Nations Banners

    Really really great work! Some of these are just fantastic to look at. Thanks alot
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    [BladeCast - Storyline] Last chance saloon for the United-Kingdom

    I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Matty
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    [BladeCast - Interview] Barto - Italian Captain

    The last two questions are the same other than that a very interesting interview! Thank you :D
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    The Pantheon

    Really great work once again! Btw, NC 2017 Team Rosters Hyperlink links to NC2018 Team Rosters
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    Who Would be in Your Dream Team?

    yeah. props to Fietta for that inspiration