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    Mercenary Guild

    Name: Yeferz
    Age: 18
    Timezone: GMT
    Steam ID: Yeferz
    How active can you be? - on for events much of the time, especially round holiday times.
    Do you understand the rules? - yes
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    The British Royal Outcasts

    Is this regiment still alive? I'm interested in joining.
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    Interesting facts you know about medieval warfare?

    I think a lot of people actually seriously underestimate the maneuverability of medieval armour. As previously mentioned it only weighed roughly half of what a modern marine has to carry on their back. Henry the Fith of England used to show off by running up and vaulting onto his horse from behind wearing full plate, and French knights used to demonstrate their strength by placing ladders on their castle walls and climbing up the underside using only their hands, while wearing full plate armour.

    Furthermore, at talk I heard recently from a pair of experts at the royal armouries museum in Leeds, they mentioned a German knight who had sent his armour back to his armourer in disgust because he couldn't swim front crawl in it (he had to swim breastroke because it was too encumbering.)

    As for Fredrick Barbarossa he was a man of 68 and it is likely that he had a heart attack, or that he was not able to swim anyway (armour or no) though the weight of his armour was certainly a contributory factor in his death.

    Also Vuk_Vuk; Though you're right to a point in that medieval training wasn't standardized, remember that the knight was basically the equivalent of a modern professional soldier, but paid in land, rather than money. Most knights would train for battle from a young age and were required to fight for their lord (so saying there was no professional training isn't quite right.) Also the armour was tailored to fit to the individual knight, which would have made it far easier to move around in.
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    Can't start a new game

    What exactly is the solution here? I'm getting the same problem.
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    Napoleonic Wars Module System

    I have heard there are plans to release a module system for Napoleonic Wars. Can somebody verify this, and if so how long is it likely to be before it is released? Thanks.
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    Napoleonic Wars Module System

    I have heard there are plans to release a module system for Napoleonic Wars. Can somebody verify this, and if so how long is it likely to be before it is released? Thanks.
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    Module System Download

    Caba`drin said:
    Yeferz said:
    dunde said:
    you have to wait module system for NW released.
    Ok, do you know if there's likely to be one any time soon?
    You'd be better off asking in the NW section. Vince has said it will be released, but I don't believe a date has been given.
    Alright, thanks for the help.
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    Module System Download

    dunde said:
    you have to wait module system for NW released.
    Ok, do you know if there's likely to be one any time soon?
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Barabas said:
    As far as I know NW is based on Warband. So I would use the Warband module system. However, you will loose all scripted functionality of NW. The only thing you can use from NW for a NW mod are the models and textures in case you want to edit module system stuff.

    So unless you really need the NW models you're probably better of making a mod for Warband ^^
    Ok thanks Barabas, so there's no way to play around with stats etc then?
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Roemerboy said:
    I don't know as NW run on the WF&S engine, but I have a solution for your copyright problem. You could script an installer which automatically copy all needed NW-files from the NW directory.

    Ok thanks for that solution :smile: I'm a little way off that level of skill yet but I'll be sure to bear that in mind later on. Does that therefore mean the WF&S mod system can be used to mod a copy of NW then?
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    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Does Napoleonic Wars run on the WF&S engine, or is it possible to edit it with the Warband module system? Is it possible to make it so that only those with Napoleonic Wars can run a mod based on the NW engine, in order to avoid infringing copyright?
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    Module System Download

    Hi, if I want to mod Mount & Blade; Napoleonic Wars, do I need the WF&S Module system or the Warband one, or does it make a difference at all?
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    Mod idea collection: I want this mod.

    Rallix said:
    I think a really great mod would be the following.

    Firstly, it would be a mod which is multiplayer.
    Secondly, it would be a mod with a specific game-mode for itself, like Invasion or Persistent World.
    Thirdly, it would feature the ability to command bots, and have a maximum limit of 1,000 bots at a time(for the sake of possibilities).

    Fourthly(this is the main feature), the game-mode would be similar to Team Death Match.
    But it is reversed, as instead there are troop tickets, similar to Strategus battles, where each death takes away from the score of a team. When a team runs out of reinforcements, it loses. Both teams are given a set amount of gold, which can be both handicapped or equal. Also, reinforcements/tickets should be changeable/able to be handicapped in addition.
    The gold is used to buy equipment for your team's men. Weapons could be picked up from previous rounds to be used again, in other words making battlefield looting possible.
    There should be a time limit of one minute for each team to prepare their troops by buying equipment, and during which, battle can be commenced sooner by all players pressing a 'ready' button.

    Fifthly, as an additional feature, it would be nice to have the ability to place scene objects in the time before the round starts, with certain rule applying of course, to prevent abuse. It would allow the players to choose their spawns, and to make fortifications.

    Sounds interesting, a friend and I are hoping to develop a mod (once we actually learn how to mod, which we are working on now) which would effectively port the commander battles from NW into native, or at least a medieval setting. If we do that we will look at implementing new features for it, and may consider some of the things here. Do you have any modding ability already?
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    Just a suggestion, on persistent world there is a way in which you can speak to your faction and have it appear in bold in the centre of the screen. Could this be implemented for the leader class so that they can give clearer orders? Often there is a problem where the leader will say one thing and someone else says another. This would help put the leader clearly in charge and prevent situations where the group splits up.
    You might also be able to make it so that this chat is in a different colour to further distinguish it.
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    Patience with the update

    Is this server up yet? I dont' mean to sound pushy I appreciate what you guys are doing and I'm grateful for it, I was just wondering what the situation is.
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