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I have heard there are plans to release a module system for Napoleonic Wars. Can somebody verify this, and if so how long is it likely to be before it is released? Thanks.


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you see that bar on the top right hand corner? yes its a search bar, there has been enough threads about this.


I saw this :

That being said, Blobmania, I find your presence in this topic besides of the trolly nature quite arrogant and rude.

I know that you don't like the same suggestions popping up, but we don't need you wiping it into new peoples faces.
It's not your position nor your task, therefor I kindly ask you; Blobmania to never post in this topic again unless you have a suggestion towards the mod.
I am smart enough to know which suggestions have been said before and  there is no reason to start a open discussion about it for that you start new topics.
Nor is there a need for anyone to post "HAS BEEN SAID BEFORE IDIOT!"

Thanks in advance,


Yes I would like to see some mean stuffs :twisted: but not repetitive "Use search ! This have been suggested many times already" posts which is what this says


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As much as I love this guy broadcasting his extremely hilarious and clever comments on the suggestions thread, maybe we could get back on topic.

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