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    Any update on duel server faction change?

    Battania has 2h swords.

    Any update on duel server faction change?

    I mean they created this placeholder duel mode a while back and told us they'd be switching the faction months ago. Maybe it is difficult but it would certainly be nice to mix things up.

    Any update on duel server faction change?

    Battania or Sturgia would be swell, both have peasant classes with 1h swords.

    I need an experienced MP player to explain this to me

    Yeah stabs are by far the most difficult attack to chamber.

    I need an experienced MP player to explain this to me

    I'd say it's something like 300ms? Has to be active as the attack lands. Similar to a parry (or chamber) in Mordhau. You can also block stabs with a left/right active block.

    6 months into EA and devs still do not understand what ruins their game.

    This comes off as incessant whining and not particularly helpful criticism. They just launched a big patch with a lot of fixes that players had been requesting. The issue seems to be your understanding of the development cycle and the amount of time it takes to actually produce content or make...

    I need an experienced MP player to explain this to me

    Incanuth has summarized it well. Might be one of the more concise explanations of BL combat mechanics i've seen so far.

    so you think you can stance?

    There is a system within the stance system that clearly is designed to have a role. What that role is, it seems nobody knows or understand. But it works like this: Left forward stance seems to be a "power" stance. If you run forward and hold an overhead attack for slightly longer than a quick...

    my (estimated) timeline for features/fixes

    This is not true. Any time you press a or d while not attacking or blocking, you're changing stance. With the left foot forward, you do a different attack which then transitions into the right foot forward stance. It's most noticeable on an overhead attack. So while running forward, you could...

    I'm done being polite.

    Isn't Bannerlord a different game engine though? When you make and maintain your own game engine it adds orders of magnitude of complexity to making a game. Making a game on a prebuilt engine with so many available resources is much, much more straight forward. If you look at Star Citizen...

    I'm done being polite.

    TBF Mordhau was created on an engine that's been in development since 2003 (Unreal 4 Engine) and has many, many available resources to work with and learn from.

    Confusing visual cues in mirrored matchups (ALSO AN EPIC COSMETIC SUGGESTION/FIX)

    Or allow us to scroll through it with a hotkey or something. Like if you press enter to go into chat, the killfeed pops up and you can scroll it.

    Best Possible Compromise For Class System.

    Yeah I agree as I mentioned elsewhere, that's clearly the issue and I believe it's being addressed. I can see having too much freedom being harder to balance, but I know a lot of people disagree.

    Pikes suck

    So with a weapon like the pike, there's a much slower windup time before you get the release. What if the windup was much faster but there was a "cooldown" before you could strike again? So with something like a pike, you could strike very quickly and hit hard, but you wouldn't be able to...