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  1. Spears are too overpowered

    People complain when the game does something that is slightly unhistorical, then complains that the most overpowered weapon in melee history is too overpowered.
  2. Custom Soldier Colors

    I want it so the attire of my soldiers, regardless of region can be uniform, the way some rhodak Sergeants wore banner colors. essentially a simple color change of soldiers shirts to my liking. I think this would be very immersive to feel like it is your own kingdom and your own soldiers not...
  3. Help a Brother in need.

    +1 you really do get alot more for the money if not going with a laptop. I never had a proper laptop, I was considering getting one for gaming while on the road, to get me visiting people more, i was surprised at how little you get for the coin compared to what i get when i buy my usual computers.
    You would get much better desktop for lower price, i wouldn't get laptop. And this is coming from a laptop cuck, i used to only play with those but never again. So i would consider this, unless you really need laptop for a reason, like lots of traveling etc.
    Thanks for tyhe tips boys im gonna go laptop because travel and space needed in mind. ill pay what i need to I guess. only gonna play bannerlord on it.

    if anyone has a good website let me know. im from the US if that helps.
  4. Help a Brother in need.

    Does it have to be a laptop? you tend to get more PC for the money when not going laptop. Just helped my mother with a refurbished (used but upgraded parts laptop) and for the money that cost for a cheap model, I could have gotten her far more computer power for the same money with a stationary. If you are set on a laptop, maybe try looking for proper dealers selling refurbished ones. I dont know what nation you are from, so i cant really help with sellers or currency value, but then I could also only be of slight help if you are located in Denmark.
    I'd super strongly prefer laptop and willing to get a refurbished one if it has the specs im just semi boomer tier with spec info
  5. We Want dismemberment and decapitation as an option. YOU HEAR ME TALEWORLDS?!

    Lmao @ OP

    Buddy, we don't even have optimally sync'd character hitboxes and weapon reaches yet! Horses crash headlong into walls at full gallop only to ping-pong off them without losing speed!

    And now you want the devs to put those issues on hold just to work on dismemberment mechanics!? Matching the right strike angle to the correct hitbox parameter, setting a minimum weapon speed threshold, factoring in damage variables... -you know, I don't even want to get into it right now. Your request is literally the definition of putting the cart before the horse -not to mention all the marketing and publishing issues other people have already brought up.

    But thank you for supplying me with some comedy in this otherwise dreary moment in our history.
    They have been doing this for over a decade stop making excuses for lazy ass taleworlds
  6. Help a Brother in need.

    I was an Xbox cuck for mount and blade. Can you guys help link me to an affordable laptop to play bannerlord on. Cheers boys I know the sarcasm is coming
  7. Where do i play siege?

    READ Siege instead
  8. If new cultures were added into Bannerlord, what would you want their strengths/weaknesses to be?

    Are we really just ignoring an ancient Egypt inspired faction rn.. given some middle age armament,... would be super cool
  9. Question about historical inspirations

    Early roman equipment was obsolete by middle ages for a reason. empire is later eastern roman inspired. If they do an earlier prequel in 30 years for their next game sure this would make sense.
  10. If new cultures were added into Bannerlord, what would you want their strengths/weaknesses to be?

    Early anglo saxon pre norman troops, similar mix as vlandia just less equipped and no crossbows.

    Barbarian germanic tribes more hostile and less civilized than battanians.... bearded and only in fur wielding huge war axes and light cavalry like caesar times
  11. So... the Calradian "Empire" never had access to the sea?

    The borders of the Empire appear to be surrounded AND without sea access.

    This sounds like something that could never happen. That's a tough position to maintain yet alone "achieve" and then call yourself an "Empire."

    Will have to change that in game. Hope it's possible to conquer in their name and dominate the map.

    Did the Vlandians take the best part of the Empire in a previous decade or something?
    They ruled all of Calradia at one point.......................
  12. Hey mates,only 13 days to survival ,what do you want to say ?

    We will honor those who fell days before the release of bannerlord.
  13. We Want dismemberment and decapitation as an option. YOU HEAR ME TALEWORLDS?!

    Skyrim has decapitation
    makes it worse

    I'm not a war historian, but I believe decapitations were really rare of in the heat of combat (apart from executing prisoners or wounded). Dismemberment happened, just not as likely as simply dying of blunt force trauma or perforated lungs, arteries etc. It takes a great force to sever limbs. I know devs have stated before that fun>realism, but I don't think gore adds much to the fun factor of this game.
    If a knight swung a battle axe or bastard sword at an armorless peasant hes getting sliced up like a thanksgiving turkey, those without armor this should happen to.

    *large inhale* boi

    I would not go around antagnoizing mods if you want to keep posting :lol:
    If mods are that sensitive then this isn't a place worth valuing.
  14. We Want dismemberment and decapitation as an option. YOU HEAR ME TALEWORLDS?!

    It would be too difficult, they'd have to have new animations for movement, swinging etc. If they chop off my left arm, would it just regrow after the battle? It's too awkward.
    kid they can add a few death animations
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