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  1. New Combat Mechanic: Khuzait riders with whip

    I always knew you were into SM stuff.
  2. New Combat Mechanic: Khuzait riders with whip

    What? In a multiplayer game? That is stupid as ****. Go play single player modded instead, or even modded multiplayer once that becomes possible. This is a stupid sentiment. That is being worked on. The first part should be quite clear without saying. Throwing, hitting, tying, getting thrown...
  3. 1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    Horse archers were already pretty much what you're describing in captain mode. You would ride around, and stand them still to shoot at the enemy. The AIs aim has been terrible to begin with. The hard counter of course was cavalry, and it worked in it's own way in captain mode. Now that the same...
  4. Units especially cav Captain mode

    Don't F1F2. F1F1 instead.
  5. Infantry and Archer speed (Skirmish)

    All infantry is already faster than archers. Even the heavy kind. If you're not catching up to archers, it's because you're holding your shield up while giving chase. You should be able to put the shield up before getting shot if you have any semblance of the reflexes needed to play this game.
  6. New Combat Mechanic: Khuzait riders with whip

    This sounds terribly complicated, and like a bad mechanic all in all.
  7. 1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    1.5 already broke other kinds of archers. It was just a matter of time until they broke horse archers as well. They say they're trying to fix archer AI, and that the fix was gonna come out last week. Welp.
  8. A mode that combines Siege with Captain

    In SP siege the AI seems to perform best when you give no commands at all. I'd rather think that having 6 players commanding that AI will make them worse, than just having one messing the already broken AI up.
  9. Why isn't Multiplayer clicking with players?

    Archers were the hard counter to shock infantry. Now there is NO counter for shock, and they steamroll all other unit types. Skirmishers were always bad in captain, so idk what you're talking about. If you mean in skirmish, that's a whole another thing, and my post didn't go into its problems at...
  10. A mode that combines Siege with Captain

    AI is the problem. Have you played SP siege? Having the AI storm the walls is a waste. They funnel into one ladder when there's 2 sets, take the weirdest paths into the castle etc. The AI is not ready for this kind of game mode.
  11. Are we wrong or are the devs wrong

    Isn't this exactly what people asked for?
  12. Are we wrong or are the devs wrong

    I've said this many times, and I will say it again. I doubt the class system is the main reason people leave the game. I doubt that it even accounts to 5% of the dwindling player base. The main reason to me seems to be the MP dev teams lack of ability to react fast to the small bugs and balance...
  13. Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    There's been a single huge troll menacing the NA servers on captain mode, who the developers were unable to ban for the longest time. I do care about skirmish. It's a fun mode as well, just not as much fun as captain imo. Finn, Norwegian or Danish? Everyone here hates the Swedes, don't they?
  14. Captain outpaces unit.

    Being in formation slows down the units, especially shield formation. Most times you do not want to be running in front of the units in F1F2, but place the units where you want them with F1F1, and have them in F3F1 (line formation) to have them run as fast as they can.
  15. Menavlion Infantry

    Show you how? Your team most likely either picked a bad engagement, or the wrong equipment when fighting those menavlions. Always go for franceskas and improved armor on those voulgiers, and you will never lose a melee fight, or in this patch, pretty much any math up (unless the opponent has a...