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    Add "Horses Killed" to Player Stats

    Damage stat would be great. I loved playing anti-cav in Warband.
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    No team damage in TDM makes spamming a big problem, makes it more difficult to move to other modes too. People just run around in blobs.
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    W+W for cav. Bumps and damage from horses with 0 speed, and slooooow inf spears

    When can we whack people with spears, side swings on them was always so fun. THWACK BONK THWACK
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    Coming back 4 months later... your game is absolute garbage

    Recently I reinstalled (mistake) after taking a break from this abomination of a game.
    Holy ****, absolutely no chill
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    Flaming torches when
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    Voice chat

    Proximity voice chat would be really cool as a realism feature, but would it not somewhat keep the discord users advantage?
    I was assuming that competitive modes would have it as team voice and larger, more casual modes like TDM/Siege would have proximity. It'd be a lot of fun on private servers.
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    TW multiplayer feature delivery times calculated

    This whole forum and thread:

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    Bring back Spear combat

    That video was sick. I really miss thwacking people with a bamboo spear.
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    What went right? Positive thread

    Can you please explain to me, I ask unironically, how you consider walk, cheering and crouching to be a good addition when the animations they have, especially walking, is something out of a 2002 game?
    They weren't in native Warband, they're in BL. It's a thing that went right.
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    What went right? Positive thread

    - Glad we eventually got auto-run
    - Castles outside map borders look super cool
    - Camels
    - Chains are cool even if they're a bit funky
    - Toggling to walk, crouching and cheering in native, gonna look great in big events

    Waiting for a significant update before playing more though.
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    Calradic Campaign

    This Saturday, super satisfying rifles and helmets that mould to your facecode. for comms!
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    taleworlds HATES the community!!!

    The game is too restrictive
    The devs can’t hear this
    I dont know to this day why i cant swing a normal spear
    So stupid !!
    No one asking to make the swings very effective, just at least a little blunt damage or for using better fients instead of thrust then thrust then thrust 😫
    Bamboo spear gang. Nothing better than thwacking someone to death, and the shame they'd be left with.
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    Some experimental scenes..

    Really nice, love the atmosphere.
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    Rank 1 Gamer Thoughts on Bannerlord PvP

    @RodLimitless Adding to what Hans and Brandis have to say, Mount and Blade is the 'easy to learn, hard to master' type game.

    Swinging/blocking, footwork and game sense are the most important things for skill, rather than a load of extra keybinds.

    But yes, gear selection similar to Warband (the previous game) would be great.
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    I hope TW won't give up on MP

    Native Warband didn't have any progression, but we played it for years. The issue isn't lack of players/cosmetics/rank system - it's that I get bored after an hour.

    Big love to the devs, no disrespect - I believe that changes would help the game thrive, whether that's by TW or modders.
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