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    We Need Banner Paste !

    Oddly, something about not having the ability to make intricate banners in a game called "Bannerlord" has rubbed me the wrong way to where I haven't played since the editor needed a mod (mods can suddenly stop working after an update) to work and just occasionally come here to see if that has been fixed yet.
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    [Riding] Too Ranged Focused

    Hello all, Just wanted to say that the perks for riding seemed far too ranged focused in my opinion given that 6 out of the 8 perks where the player has a "choice" have to do with ranged attacking. This, in addition to the fact that it levels slowly if you don't do mounted ranged (started...
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    Damage Types

    How do you deal with the fact that virtually all the plate armors in this game are depicted (quite accurately) with mail and padding underneath?

    The Southern Scale Armor in this picture is plate type according to spitems.xml. But there is quite clearly more mail than metal plates/lames, by a significant amount, even discounting the leg armor. The scales themselves are tied onto a thick backing material, which itself sits atop the mail. Then under hte mail, there is what looks to be another layer of padding, probably not as thick yet still going down to the wrists. And of course the legs have additional padding due to the fact it comes with pants.

    I'd imagine you would adjust the damage resistances accordingly. Meaning an armor would have a number in each resistance and the amount it has in each of those resistances would depend on its composition.

    BTW: Character looks awesome in that pic.
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    [Campaign Map - Camera] Keybind to Reset to Default

    War Siblings! I know this isn't necessarily a big deal but this is more a quality of life suggestion. While we can do all kinds of things with the camera, it would appear those no button that resets it after we've rotated, zoomed, and or moved the camera. I'm just suggesting they add a button...
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    Where is the brother???

    The brilliant sibling that is always your brother. "I'll let you lead since you're a better rider." He says at the beginning of the game with a riding skill over 100.

    "I think it would be better if you handle everything by yourself while I go for reasons."

    Oh sure, you have 100+ in all combat skills and the men we hired do too but yeah... you take all of them with you to go do non-combat stuff while I start a kingdom and fight bandits. Makes so much sense.

    ...yeah, he conned the hell out of us.
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    Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    One addition we should have is ability to tweak the design for each shield there is. For some shields i want insignia to be higher, for some it needs to be lower. For some it can be larger, for others it needs to be smaller. Etc.

    Oh good, I'm not the only person who has been thinking this exact thing, lol.

    Yeah, needing a mod to get the thing working is sad, and we are still getting updates so quick it's just not worth downloading it at the moment.

    I definitely hope better banners make it into vanilla. At the LEAST more colors would be needed, I legit hate all our current default options.

    And that's how I've felt. I won't mod my game. I'm not judging others who are willing to do so, it's just for me personally, I don't want to have to keep waiting on the mod author to update whenever they update. I'm mildly irritated they seemed to have intentionally neutralized the ability to copy/paste the banner while not improving their banner editor one bit.

    Meanwhile, if you use custom battle, I'd swear the game is randomizing banners and if so, it's "editor" is clearly more advanced than the one we get. If it isn't randomizing, then I'm not sure why we don't have access to these presets and we get to just change the colors if we want.

    There were more colours available to chose from and maybe some other detail I cannot remember right now. It wasn't much more advanced, but by the very definition, it was more advanced. Still quite simple, and everyone wanted it expanded, improved and built upon rather than keeping it as it were, or as it was to become as it is now.

    Okay, that would be more advanced for sure. I am genuinely mystified as to why we have so few colors to choose from when there are so many more colors clearly being used in the game. And when doing custom battle, you can see the game has more variety as well.
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    Even more grind to get influence now.

    Anyone can summon a lord into an army with enough influence. A tier 2 clan can summon a tier 5 clan dude with a meager 20-30i. Therefore, there isn't really a difference between T2 and T5 clans army-wise since everyone can summon anyone they want, given enough influence. That's point one...

    Ahhhh, okay, I see what you're talking about. I see you now. And I would agree that regardless, one shouldn't be able to easily request the assistance of a lord... but then again, I'm also the kind of person that continues to cringe when I, as a nobody, can simply approach any noble I want (felt the same way in Skyrim) because I kind of feel like that shouldn't be a remote possibility.

    Anyway, plenty of valid points on your end and I'm glad you took the time to explain because I think I understand more and see the validity clearer.

    I appreciate the conversation. I know we don't agree on everything, which is is perfectly fine, but I do think we've gotten to a point where we understand the other's views/tastes. Thank you for taking the time.
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    Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    +1. Hopefully all in due time. Can't be too hard to implement. They used to have a more "advanced" banner editor in the closed beta, which I took part of.

    Did they really? More advanced how? I'm seriously asking because I didn't participate in the beta and I think the current in game banner editor is shameful.
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    Do people like Smithing as a concept

    I don't like the idea of personally being a smith. Maybe I'm being a jerk but I don't see a ruler (even a potential one) smithing their own stuff. Or maybe at first they do, but at some point, a leader has to focus on being a leader not also being a smith or a surgeon or whatever.
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    Even more grind to get influence now.

    That's a fair assessment.

    Still, my point is that a new clan isn't supposed to be "in charge". Earn your right to lead the realm, then lead the realm, not the other way around.

    The player still has the ability to summon armies (with or without CoC nerf), so the question boils down to how often the player can do that. The player should have the ability to solve any problem, of course, but if it doesn't cost the player anything and he can spam it anytime they want, one has to wonder what a "problem" actually is. The necessity to spend 300i out of your 10k reserve to get a 3k dude steamroller that can take any fief? Would having a 5k influence reserve instead make it a problem?

    The cut to CoC is massive, because CoC itself was much more powerful than any other policy in the game. It is now brought in line. You can still get mountains of influence to sit on, but that requires more time (not ten times more time, more in the range of 2-2.5 times because there are more ways to earn influence than CoC).

    Adjusting required time with sliders sounds interesting, but it should affect all lords, not just the player. And so far having a ton of influence in the hands of AI lords allows realms to field 2-3 armies at any point in time, making them a common occurence. Not sure if that's the intention, but that's what we get.

    Please don't picture me hating someone for not wasting as much time as I am, I'm not advocating time sinks as a concept xD. I just think there's a fine line between the player obeying the sandbox rules and the player being the sandbox god, and I'm not sure we want to see it crossed, generally speaking.

    I am confused by what you're saying. How can one summon 3,000 troops if they're not actually in charge? I mean, I thought us amassing forces that range into the thousands (and paying them) was us earning them and the right to order them around and using them to conquer the realm thus earning the right to rule them. In other words, I'm not sure how the "other way around" can even occur.

    You don't start out able to command 3,000 as you don't even have that many troops available. You gradually get to a point where you could and even then, just like with money, it takes a bit to build up influence to a point where you don't need to worry about it anymore. Now maybe in your opinion and or your personal tastes (and many), this occurs too quickly. Obviously, this isn't the same for many others.

    And again, we technically should be able to reach a point, depending upon our actions, of where we're the raid boss of the game so to speak, imho.

    I think becoming a sandbox god should always be possible. What it takes to get there, and maintain such a status, I feel that is a more complicated, yet important, question. And no, I didn't really picture you at all, well aside from your avatar, lol. But only because of love that content creator so I can't help but picture him and hearing what I am reading in his voice, haha.

    That is your opinion. How do you know if the Devs don't intend for the player to reach end game in 20 hrs? You don't, again this is just your opinion and many of us disagree with you.

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    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Execution Consequences - need huge update with significant game changing effects.
    Hideout Improvements - it needs more like a rework instead of improvements.

    In my opinion, it is deeper than the execution aspect. There needs to be improvement on the whole taking them prisoner and them escaping too. We need better alternative options and also, let's not make executing people completely a bad thing to do. All options should have pros and cons, imho.
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    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Any plans on expanding the in-game banner editor, and revamping the very simplistic AI clans' banners?

    The game is called "Bannerlord" and yet creating a banner in it is abysmal (I mean even the colour palette is devastatingly lacking). Someone drastically improved upon this fact and then an update took that way from us. Sure we can mod our games, but not everyone wants to mod a game that is consistently being changed.
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    Even more grind to get influence now.

    I've fallen from 38i to 20i daily. How that makes a tenth is anyone's guess.

    There are more ways to earn influence other than CoC, or policies at all, for that matter - you have buildings for farming it passively or fights for earning it.

    And if you're the newest neighbour on the block in a T2 clan, you probably shouldn't be able to amass the entire realm under your green banner. The player shouldn't be the ultimate solution to all problems in a game that is essentially a sandbox that can play itself. The realm you pledged allegiance to losing fiefs is part of the game.

    When you grow into a significant power within the realm, you can still summon 3k dudes to do your bidding, it's not like this ability has gone anywhere with the CoC nerf.

    EDIT: Making CoC give 0.1i per notable brings it close to Serfdom / Feudal Inheritance in terms of raw influence output and puts it in line with other policies. I don't think having an actual influence printer policy was ever their intention.
    They could have tried cutting it by 25% or cutting it in half, but they cut earning from .40 to .04? It takes 50 prisoners to earn 4 influence? That doesn't even make sense from a story perspective, lol.

    That's a tenth there if I'm not mistaken.

    And while it should/would have its drawbacks, yes, the person in charge, regardless of how new they are is in charge so they would/should be able to summon their entire army if they want. They aren't less in charge just because they're new.

    Actually, while it shouldn't be automatic, the player should absolutely have the ability to be the solution to all problems. Losing fiefs shouldn't be a forced part of the game, but a possibility and that possibility should go up or down based on the player's skill / tactics as well as the difficulty settings.

    It is never about can you, it's about how long it takes and should it take that long. To me, some of this should be able to be adjusted with sliders. If you want it to take longer to advance, fine, let that be your choice. If others don't, there's nothing wrong with that either. But to me, from what I've seen, the cut was too great.
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    Are people still actually complaining about hideouts?

    If someone enjoys the main aspect of the game, large scale battles and the like, it may suck for them to be forced into doing something entirely different. Now, I imagine the intent here was actually to give the player a break int he monotony of normal play, but it is done very poorly (in my opinion).

    - It's overly repetitive... playing out the exact same way and having basically the same layout every single time.

    - It take too much control away from the player... you can't choose when or how you engage nor can you choose who goes with you. (maybe I don't want to take my surgeon in there just because he's a companion since he is literally never used for combat)

    - It doesn't make any sense how it is done. (sure, I have over 100 guys and they have 50, but let's just 10 of us go in because... reasons)

    And there's other aspects as well, but so far it seems so poorly designed that I'm sure there are people that, understandably, would feel it should/could be removed altogether. I just think they need to work on it because I believe it has potential to be an enjoyable aspect of the game.
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    Even more grind to get influence now.

    So if a nobody gets a free castle steamroller every week, do we really need that process to be even faster? How much power should the player be immediately granted upon joining a kingdom, then?

    If the AI can steam roll more often and there are more AIs than there are players, probably? Possibly? And if at some point you get steam rolled, possibly? Probably? I don't know.

    Cutting the influence earning to a tenth of what it was before seems a bit much to me. It's like why would you try such an extreme like that right out the gate? What were they basing that on? They could have tried cutting it by 25% or cutting it in half, but they cut earning from .40 to .04? It takes 50 prisoners to earn 4 influence? That doesn't even make sense from a story perspective, lol.
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