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    [POLL] Opinions About Current Multiplayer Speed

    Yeah. I took a break after the 1.5 patch, thinking they would tweak things to make it better. Time for another break.
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    [POLL] Opinions About Current Multiplayer Speed

    Just curious about the general opinion.
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    TW Office Tour

    Legend says they only worked when they were being recorded.
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    Development after EA

    I'ld say that ship has already sailed for the most part.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.4

    Just bringing this to the attention again: Auto-kick/ban systems are needed for teamhitting. If you can't be bothered to implement it, just turn friendly fire off. Thank you.
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    Bannerlord Refunded

    I spent 500 hours listening to music, playing Bannerlord as a secondary activity while hoping it'll get better over time, I'm saying I'ld not trashtalk someone who wants/gets a refund after some playtime because Bannerlord experience alone was broken and still is to some degree. Seems it was...
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    Bannerlord Refunded

    If you stay for the %10 where you'll have a fine experience, does it mean your overall experience was so great? Amount of time spent doesn't equal quality of that time in my view. Otherwise MOBA games would be the best games out there but why are there so many people looking back and wish...
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    Bannerlord Refunded

    I don't know anyone here, he might well be a troll. Still if there was a guy who wanted a refund after 400 hours, I'ld not automaticly assume that he had such an awesome time. There were times where I saw slightly encouraging patches, I changed my negative review to a positive one for once...
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    Bannerlord Refunded

    It's a heads-up for people who are disappointed about the state of the game and the progress so far? I fail to see how refunding a game is "an attempt to push devs", it's more like cutting losses and being done with the game imo. Steam allows refunding if you're having problems with the game or...
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    What about DLSS 2.0 and Raytracing?

    The only reason you think the price is so "reasonable" now is because the RTX 2000 series was such an overpriced garbage generation and adaptation was poor because of it. Samsung 8 nm (more like 10+ nm) is a bad node and they got the silicon for cheap but they knew in terms of performance it...
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    TW are you really banning people based on the reports?

    Good Morning! I've been living the problem for a year now. Although I think you're one of the toxic ones, it doesn't matter. I already contacted some devs about auto-kick/ban systems based on teamhit detection earlier, This was the reply "We don't have a auto-kick system for now but it is in our...
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    Bannerlord RTX?

    This is not January 2019 and 3000 series is not the first implementation of Ray Tracing, claiming the adoptation will be the same just shows your lack of understanding how the industry works. Many people held off from upgrading to Turing because the raw performance gain was not enough since the...
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    Bannerlord RTX?

    It's probably possible but since there'll be lots of bodies in battles, It might only work fine with Ampere cards, not Turing (maybe 2080 Ti). I think with consoles and Ampere+Big Navi cards, Ray Tracing performance will finally be enough to allow proper Ray Tracing to become the standart in a...
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    In Progress Bald noble women.

    She looks HOT! You shouldn't miss the chance to marry her! Go for it, bud! :grin: Good luck!
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    Gamescom event is poorly setup and feels half arsed.

    Well, I respect your opinion but I don't agree, I like fact that your delivery was as it should be without the toxicity or the salt tho, thank you. I don't know who were those experienced players you're talking about but I don't see it as a step in the right direction in any way, pre-attack...