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  1. Grind

    the game is one huge empty grind. My suggestion is for the devs to try playing their game from start to the end for once actually and see if they are gonna like it. I doubt it. When grind becomes 90% of what you do in the game it's bad game design. Not even korean mmorpgs are this ****ty in...
  2. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.9

    It somewhat feels like TW has only one team responsible for developing everything. I thought they were studio but it more feels like Tom, **** and Harry game making adventure. Similar to those 2 guys who are alone working on entire CS: GO for example. I would like to say it's hilarious but in fact I am crying.

    To be fair, I appreciate the change of UI system, this feels most impactful, loading times became somewhat bearable, although closing the menus for some reason is still slow.

    By the way, I ran into an issue with decompressing city .tpac file. I was able to resolve it by deleting the file and verifying game files but cities take a lot of time to load, much longer than in the previous version.

    If you ask me, I would still trade faster UI for this but why did we have to exchange one thing for another in the first place... can't we have everything loading as intended?
  3. Patch Notes e1.5.8

    So, how did you manage to break the game when simply moving it from beta branch to stable branch? 1.5.8 worked relatively OK until yesterday, now the game won't even launch lol. This is amazing!

    Why not just revert all the changes made in the last moment and put them in 1.5.9 and just go back to the working 1.5.8 build? Maybe you are aggravating us on purpose?
  4. Is divorce allowed?

    Ok, even if you can't remarry, can you marry npcs who were widowed?
  5. Positioning troops

    They removed it because they didn't know how to code it
  6. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    I don't care about overall performance taking a nosedive please just fix these fking memory leaks and make menus open without 1 second delay it's giving me a headache!!!

    It was working normally before, where is the problem in reverting whatever shenanigans you did !
  7. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.8

    Why does no one mention the most jarring issue, which is memory leaks whenever you open any menu(character page, page in encyclopedia, settlement quick menu, trade, whatever) on 1.5.8???

    From what I've gathered this also occurs on the stable branch, shouldn't this sort of thing get hot fixed?
  8. 🔔 Alpha & Beta Branches Feedback

    Why does no one mention the most jarring issue, which is memory leaks whenever you open any menu(character page, page in encyclopedia, settlement quick menu whatever) on 1.5.8???

    From what I've gathered this also occurs on the stable branch, shouldn't this sort of thing get hot fixed?
  9. My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    The game has been in development for nearly TWICE AS LONG than M&B + Warband COMBINED. All the while having dozen of developpers instead of just a handful.
    I don't really see in which alternate universe expecting what is a glorified reskin having at least the basic features of the original game after TEN YEARS of development can be construed as "right away".

    Also I'm tired of the perks being fixed being sold as something groundbreaking. All the perks are literally a one-man work for a few weeks, not a ten-men work for a few month. It's not impressive.

    I sincerely hope that there is a big amount of features that is in iterative development in the background, eating most of the dev time, and we'll get a bunch of them in the 1.6 or so, but so far the development speed is incredibly slow.

    I believe this is just one nerd working and everyone else eating a cake. You can insert an image of 9 construction workers resting and watching 1 construction worker shovelling. This is exactly what Taleworlds is.

    I will never recommend them to anyone. I shall never purchase anything from them again and I will speak negatively about this company whenever given chance. I am not languid lamb like most users and I will react strongly when someone is bull****ting me.

    They would have to work very hard and laboriously to change my view on them.

    I also need to say that I had a very positive impression of them after Warband and waited patiently long months to see their sincerity but there is none of it. [email protected]!
  10. My dissapointment grows. Game still feels barren.

    Assumption?! By the love of Soon... Where did I make an unqualified statement? Where did I assert that the simplification/absence of things in Bannerlord are because of a potential console iteration?

    I proposed a question. I brought up a potential possibility - no assertion, no assumption. Was that not clear from the bevy of question marks???

    Come now friend - I am not a Bannerlord hater... But neither am I a fanboy... I am a very enthusiastic FAN who also posses a modicum of critical thinking ability.

    Things have been simplified in Bannerlord, things that were in Warband (and made Warband more immersive and fun) are missing...

    If they're missing /simplified because of early access and will be implemented/more fleshed out later - that's fine.

    If things are simplified and missing AND this is the intention... Well, as a very enthusiastic fan, I would question why... One possible reason could be a console release. No assumption - just a possible explanation.

    Yes it is! It's also on PS4 - it came to the consoles in 2016.... Remind me - when was Warband released on PC???
    Porting PC games to console isn't that easy, especially if they were constructed without consoles in mind...

    The reason why I brought up the console release thing is because many PC games in the past have had to sacrifice features and mechanics to make a console version viable... Games have had to sacrifice depth, player control, and complexity for simplicity in order to accommodate consoles.

    What big complaints do SP players of Bannerlord have??? The lack of immersion, the lack of player control, the lack of complexity... The over simplification and complete lack of certain features...

    Just spitballing.... No assumptions or assertions.

    If devs are preparing console release, then this is just a scam and money grab. Can't fix game for one platform and jumping to another. This game is a buggy mess, forget the missing content1!!!!
  11. Need More Info Crashes in single player. Loosing hope for this game...

    Please post the screenshot of the crash ID here.

    Maybe just fix your game already ? It's been 8 months?
  12. Resolved Tournament without Melee weapons

    Same thing occurs in my case. I will spell it letter by letter for you

    U N M O D D E D

    T O U R N A M E N T C R A S H I N G

    U S E D T O W O R K


    Hope you were able to catch this one Taleworlds. I understand that reading with understanding is mysterious unattainable ability but if you piece it together and put in google with voice over you should be able to make it ! :smile:
  13. NPCs getting married

    You will wait 10 years. They need to fix a game first. This game is crashing more often than it used to back in May. ****ing horrendous development. They fix one thing and break another. Next release PRE EARLY ACCESS. Going backwards.

    I installed standalone mod for this that works fine, but game is crashing everywhere else, tournaments, encyclopedia, sometimes random crashes on the world map, in battle, ****, this game is becoming more and more unplayable haha.

    Yes, I AM MOCKING YOU. You deserve it.
  14. Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine II

    So you plan to add a feature that disables death and aging instead of adding npc marriage to create actual simulation. Hah. I guess the latter is too much, after all you haven't been able to add ANYTHING for the past half a year, only fixes and more fixes for a broken game, so expecting you to add 0-1 binary difficulty feature is asking for too much, even though creating a dynasty was something that you advertised!

    I feel scammed and I feel deep regret for purchasing your product. In all honesty, after having observed your development in the past 6 months, I don't even believe you have the ability to give this game a justice. I simply doubt your coding ability. This is worse than Bethesda!

    And yes, go ahead and ban me and delete this negative-unwelcome-post. That is NOT gonna stop me from telling everyone I know about the experience called TALEWORLDS.
  15. [Fairly Easy Suggestion] Please fix dynasties by adding NPC marriage!

    So... How many issues do you guys want the devs to sort out and fix all at the same time ? 10, 50, 90 ?
    Do you want them to forgo sleep and food until your gaming satisfactions are met, or until they go blind maybe ?
    Should they hire a few hundred devs and raise the price of the game to $99.99 and block the game from working for us all until the difference is paid?
    Should they divorce their wife and husband so they can have more time to fulfill the wish of self-entitled gamers who don't have enough imagination to entertain themselves with the hundreds of options already in the game? There are only so many hours in a day and so many work hours.
    Have most of you forgotten how laughably bland and lifeless Warband was before all the mods started to crop up?

    Why do you think they're releasing a Mod Tool ?

    Who gives a flyin' F- about the clans when you can conquer the whole map ? You're supposed to create a dynasty and a kingdom that takes over ALL of Calradia and you can get married and have children for that purpose. It's not the Sims Medieval, it's Bannerlord - meaning YOU are it.

    Not at all. It's a secondary feature that could be in the game once they're done with everything else. The lords and ladies who are supposed to be married are already married. As for the others... take their castles and towns and just execute them!

    No one here demands immediate implementation but recognition of the problem. The game is supposed to be a simulator but all NPC die out which breaks the immersion. If you don't notice it, then it's your problem with cognition. Immersion is a big part of the game too. Without the immersion and minimum of plot you are just bashing dolls and going from one waypoint to another.

    Though I do understand that new generation of gamers is just like that. :smile:

    I hope developers will halt for a second and re-evaluate the priority of this more soberly. It shouldn't take that much effort to add after all, but makes a bigger difference than probably any other feature right now as it relates to entire flow of the game, junior.

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