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the game is one huge empty grind. My suggestion is for the devs to try playing their game from start to the end for once actually and see if they are gonna like it. I doubt it.

When grind becomes 90% of what you do in the game it's bad game design. Not even korean mmorpgs are this ****ty in this regard. Even quests to improve relationships are one big repetitive grind. I don't know who was responsible for designing this but I can with certainty say that they never played a computer game in their entire life.

Currently, unless you go out of your way to fool yourself you are doing something meaningful by doing same quests over and over and killing trash AI over and over there is no real substance. No original companions, no companion quests, lords are all and the same, somehow they felt less plain in warband. No interesting dialogues, nothing to bat an eye on pretty much. Warband being sandbox had interesting companions, some threads to follow, more activities in general. Bannerlord being action rpg game has much less than that warband and sandbox in bannerlord literally amounts to 0, there is nothing to do but amassing elite troops and then killing the **** out of AI haha.(What has changed since last year?)

Other suggestions:

-hire normal game designer
-hire some narrative designer or whatever to help you write this **** because you clearly have no idea, you think people can't see or what, your pants are down. It's not like you need to employ some pro, jsut ****ing employ someone better than you, bloody webnovelist for few pesos would do better than this lol
-pay some kids to do QC for you really

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