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    [Beast #2] Suggestions

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    Nova = Butterlord

    Nova = Butterlord
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    In Progress Players getting wrong names in matches

    I encountered it many times, there is a player with a wrong name, it looks like identity theft but it isnt. If you get their real names (Sending them a friend request shows the real name) and write them with it, they dont even know something is wrong. I guess that there is an issue in the...
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    In Progress You can walk through a Wall with the camel on mp_tdm_map_004a

    Summary: you can get to some really op spots out of bounds and kill the entire tunnel system below the map (e.g. archers can do that) How to Reproduce: go to the hidden archers nest, walk up the stairs with a camel, glitch through the wall as seen Quest/Settlement Name (if related)...