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    Let's be honest, does this surprise any of you?

    It crushed me to my soul. I'm sure everyone else feels exactly the same way. I'm super certain of it.
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    Why are the steam reviews so good?

    you'll never see truth about bannerlord on steam or tw forum either. just bcoz these truthfull comments will be instantly deleted. wanna know what ppl REALLY think bout bannerlord? go to 4chan /vg/ and check for mount n blade thread.

    Yea, every cool cat knows 4chan.
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    Taleworlds' logic on Skins

    All this effort as a band aid instead of just doing what we want. 🙃

    Then people told me that i am toxic.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    What's there to educate? Who cares if he worked in the software industry beyond it being cool. What's the relevancy of it to the issue at hand? That's no reason to pat TW on the back despite their rather comical "effort" and act like nothing's wrong.
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    How goes the war?

    I think if they get their act together, Bannerlord could become something that lasts for years. I don't think it is going to be easy to get to that though.
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    How will BL MP be revived?

    Private servers.

    At this point, short of overhauls from the ground up, yes. It's the only way to breathe life into it.
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    Bannerlord was a grift


    My position is that even if BL had MP as good as WB's the overwhelming majority of players still would stop playing it by now because they wouldn't even play good MP. Dudes like the power fantasy aspect and being in command of big armies, that's what M&B does that other games don't do. MP isn't that, has never been that, so most players don't even bother with it.

    The melee slasher niche is pretty small overall. Mordhau has been under 5k average for years and Chiv 2's release managed to eat a third of it. I think Conqueror's Blade is around the same.

    But your assumption of this comes from your assumption that it worked that way in Warband, when isn't accurate and doesn't connect to Bannerlord at all. Multiplayer was hot when BL first released, and there's a reason for that. And it died for a reason, which had nothing to do with lack of interest. It isn't that there's only a handful of people interested in it, it is simply because MP is just that terrible. It's light years ahead of SP in terms of garbage quality.
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    Bannerlord was a gift

    What is so difficult to understand with the sentence "Working with the community"?

    Oh. Go on then little troll, explain how we're not understanding it. Go on.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    People do give constructive feedback though. Whether or not they all do it without being frustrated is another thing altogether. It just seems TW doesn't really care unless it aligns with their own vision for the game. Everything else gets ignored, completely.
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    How goes the war?

    I miss having to talk to anybody for information, the encyclopedia could stay or be replaced by a notes scroll where you keep track of gathered info. To gather info in far away lands, you could hire a spy, something like that.

    A pinch of interesting on Bannerlord could go a long way.
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    I'm not talking about now. I'm talking about how many players actually jumped from SP to MP. Most didn't in Warband, even when it was new.

    Even then a lot of people played MP, it was a beloved part of Warband and played regularly for many years until it took its last breath. So am I understanding that your argument is that because Warband MP couldn't maintain its SP numbers, most people didn't care about MP and thus Bannerlord's MP is also not cared about by "most" players? I'm sorry, that's a rather poor argument.

    I know, even more evidence that the game is bad

    The sad part is, it probably still has more players than Bannerlord's MP. And it's an old ass game, long since abandoned.
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    Are we ever going to get more customization options for our clan banner?

    No, what they need to do is improve the whole system. Instead of reducing us to placing their pre-made and quite frankly disgusting looking charges onto a singular color, they need to allow us to import our own designs directly into the game. A sort of hybrid between Bannerlord and Warband. That way, there are still the pre-made charges and those of us who would prefer something that looked good, could create and import our own creations.

    That is of course never going to happen, because TW leadership seems to be content with mediocrity and so long as their audience allows that to continue, they will have no need to change a thing.
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    Looking for users to test my mod for 45 minutes. Participants get a 5€ steam gift card.

    Oh man, you're going to have a hard time finding 30 people who have this game installed

    Or even 10 people willing to install it, play it and screen share it for $5. lol
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    Bannerlord was a grift

    Because Warband's MP was better and most players still ignored it.

    The game is old. That's why people aren't playing MP anymore. When it came out, it was actually quite popular. Very popular, in fact. Enough so, that Holdfast's main inspiration came directly from a MP module. This is still does not provide the concrete data that BL MP is dead because people don't want to play it, as you had so confidently stated.
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    Are we ever going to get more customization options for our clan banner?

    No. You are to deal with the comical amount of customization you have and use 3 different mods to adjust for it. Enjoy.
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