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    The big Forum Depression

    These past few months whenever I went on the forums, I'd open up a thread whenever it was balance discussion, suggestions or even drama and make a post to contribute somehow, only to delete the entire thing after typing it out. I lost the motivation to engage in any sort of discussion on this forum really, and I think that applies to a lot of pepole. I'm glad that there are pepole that keep giving feedback and suggestions (even if only 1% of those are heard) even if they spread toxicity and half the threads made by them end up being "game sux lol" cause thats better than a dead forum.
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    Patch Notes e1.5.9

    Please revert this change. It made Sturgia a legitimately threatening faction in the winter, even for a very skilled player character with a high-tier party. It was also interesting to play with as a Sturgian, because you had a bonus that required a bit of forethought to fully exploit.
    Why is that a bad thing?

    Edit:Actually nevermind, I misread the post. I see now that you mean Sturgia was better before the fix.
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    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    Duel and voice chat have been probably ready for a while but they want to roll them out on the anniversary so they have something big to show to normies checking the game out after a year.
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    What do you think about current influence costs at proposals ?

    Well, at 1200 army you have all your clan parties? Not any other party from another clan?

    At the end of battle you see only how many influence / renown your party gained. Gains of your clan parties probably not shown there but they will be added to your clan's variables (that screen needs a development so player can see how many renown / influence you get through your clan parties at that battle). So for best results please note somewhere your renown / influence before battle and check it afterwards.
    Would it be possible to seperate influence and renown gains from each other? At the moment it seems they are closely tied together with the player getting similar amounts of both no matter the battle.

    The situation right now is something along the lines of:
    Win 5v50 - 20 renown, 15 influence (high/high)
    Win 200v100 - 10 renown, 5 influence (low/low)

    What's happening here is both values are mostly being based on the "impressiveness" of winning the battle (overcoming the odds). If we were to seperate them and reward renown for the "impressiveness" and influence for consistency/fighting big battles instead it would look something like this:

    Win 10v10 - 5 renown, 1 influence (low/low)
    Win 5v50 - 25 renown, 3 influence (high/low)
    Win 200v100 - 10 renown, 25 influence (low/high)
    Win 200v500 - 50 renown, 45 influence (high/high)

    I think this would make sense as it rewards fighting in big battles even if you have the number advantage and won't get much renown. It also makes sense roleplay-wise, as the guy going around taking on groups of 50 men by himself may be more popular, but he won't hold more influence than the lord with 200 men in his army.
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    Feedback on Prison Breaks

    Is it true that the ransom is paid from the campaign menu? I had hoped you would walk up to the guard in the town scene and pay the ransom from there. I know some would consider it a waste of time but there's still no incentive to visit town scenes.
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    This closed paid beta has a lot of issues

    Regarding the video, the feature showcased is in the game and not in a quest. Walk up to thugs in town, talk to them and you can start a fight, then you can either run away or stay for round 2 and win some loot.
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    In 1.5.7 even with education system, the lvl 5 heir is still a bit weaker than lvl 1 start character, a discussion to change the situation.

    So anyway, I mostly put this out of my head but then I noticed something a bit fishy about my brother.
    Here is my character at level 35.

    Here is my brother at level 24.

    Notice something... amiss? I kinda perked up when I saw his starting attributes (they looked pretty good and he was still level 1) and he came with all this gear: the full brass lamellar set, noble bow, a good horse. Then I realized that his Bow skill hit something like 100 and his Riding 160+ in about 84 days. But I forgot to mention it until now that it is blatantly obvious the dude has more attributes than my player character.

    Please don't go back and nerf this TW.

    (Also Medicine still levels slow as ****; I don't have a Surgeon and have spent twenty years losing men hand over fist to get... Medicine 59.
    Instead of nerfing your brother what should happen is TW buffing the player character. Leveling overhaul WHEN
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    10 postulates of Hairless aka how to make ur game better

    Agreed with most of these. For 6 just increase the efficency of armor vs blunt and pierce. For 5 and 8 you don't need to remove them, just limit them if 10 will be added. As for 1 you don't need to remove ww/ss just nerf the turnrate of horses. If you sit in a single spot on a horse it is ridiculous how fast you can spin. And when they're at it the player turnrate should be reduced as well, especially when you're swinging.
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    Sound Bug - Sound of Doom - Still Exists 23.02.2021 Fix Your Game FFS

    It might be gamemode specific. Played TDM and siege since the hotfix without this issue popping up. If we asume it is related to the upcoming voice chat it would make sense, as it's only coming to skirmish and capitan and that's where the bug seems to occur.
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    Cavalry wage

    If you up the costs right now they simply won't be worth thier upkeep. Cav AI needs to be fixed first.
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    The Latest Major Patch Announcements - TaleWorlds Communication

    I actually prefer this way of annoucing big changes. If the inital news is posted on a thread that 50 pepole are gonna see there's gonna be misinformation, rumors and confusion. Annoucing it this way rids threads of pointless questions and breathes some enthusiasm into the forums.
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    Siege Skala Landings

    There needs to be another way to get to F. It is harder to get to than G, very often when the game goes down to the last 2 flags G gets captured first because it is simply easier and faster to reach. Also it is a huge pain in the ass when F gets backcapped. A set of wooden stairs/bridge from the nearby wall with the balista on it would be good as it makes a nice, logical transition of E->F for the attackers.

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    Development Update #7: Multiplayer Duel Mode and Battle Terrain System

    When the battle terrain system will be added to game? Is it contained in the 1.5.8 beta patch?
    It seems like a really big change and Callum didn't say it's coming next patch so it's coming soon™ I presume. Most likely the 1.6 update, whenever that'll be.
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    - Cavalry balance in multiplayer

    I don't think the cav weapons are a difficulty problem but a balance one.

    When it comes to difficulty regarding cav maneuverability is the problem. It is so godamn easy to avoid spearmen and obstacles. Charging a sprearman at full speed? Oh you aren't going to be punished for that, just double tap s or turn 90 degrees in 1 second and you're clear of any and all trouble. Bumped into a wall in the middle of enemy lines? Not a problem! You can just instantly turn around, double tap W and poof, all your problems are gone.

    Make cav slide for a long distance when breaking, reduce the static and running turnrate and maybe reduce the double tap W speed boost. Should prevent complete drooling noobs from running around without being punished for the dumbest moves ever, while actually skilled and careful players wouldn't be impacted that much as they don't get in situations that would rely on these mechanics in the first place.
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    Small lines of codes! Fill pregame loading screen with top 3 Tips of the day?

    Shouldn't limit this to multiplayer really.Would be nice if we could get some lore tidbits on singleplayer loading screens, whenever the lore gets fully written.
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