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    [NC2017] Semi Final Lower & Upper Bracket - Tuesday 2/5 17 BST

    stop ure making me horny norbert
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    [NC2017] Semi Final Lower & Upper Bracket - Tuesday 2/5 17 BST
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    How skilled is the player above you?

    robin hood 9/10
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    European Sword and Shield Tournament 2 - ESST 2 - Do Your ****ing Duels Edition

    In-Game Name: Qner Steam Contact: Faction Desired: nord
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    [EFL] European Fantasy League - OGL'S TEAM CHAMPIONS!

    Name:Qner ID:701466 Main Class:Cav Steam: TaleWorlds:;u=434259 Interessted in leading a team?: (Yes/No) Nono
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    [NA] Sword & Bored 2 - Congrats to Gibby!

    In-game name:qner Steam contact: Faction desired:Nords EU/NA:EU
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    Sand & Sword | Classical Duel Tournament - Congratulations Arni!

    In Game Name: qner TaleWorlds Account: <--- Steam ID:
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    the supreme rulers video thread

    i really liked your videos, please make more -your official servant
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    Warband Epic Event- Sign Ups! (Mount and Thrones)

    NAME: Qner Faction: Nords Role: Cav
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    How famous is the above player?

    great archer
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    Wolfpack 2 vs 2 weekly tournament! [Signups open]

    Captain:Qner Partner:Bladebeliar Substitute:Denios Contact information(Steam):