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  1. After Recent Update My Wife Is Not Getting Pregnant. Period.

    Mine is very reliable getting pregnant each time we spend some quality time together with "board games" - guess thats how it was called before netflix was invented 😁
  2. Where's Lezalit when you really need him?

    Haha, good old days with Legalit and the band :smile: very good point on passive training. It would not even need huge enhancements, as we already have some training perks in the game, they just wont work / providing negligible xp.
  3. AI ranged units

    A lot of us complaining, but not because the AI is too strong against the player in individual/small scale combat, but because archers are op against AI armies. This is making larg battles dull, as once you have a bunch of archers and take a defensive positon, they will just gun down waves of enemy without much losses.

    One a sidenote this was somewhat similar in PoP as well, with the xbow knights and ravenstern archers, but there at least the AI had some huge nasty armies like the nomads and noldors :smile:
  4. Should javelins get nerfed?

    Heres a tip on advancing into ranged units with melee troops:
    Set them to Shieldwall formation, tell them to hold fire if they have throwing weapons.
    Hit F1>F4 to tell them to advance, they will move in formation and keep their shields up.
    Once the enemy is within 15-20m you can tell them to fire, they will deal devastating damage up close if they have throwing weapons
    When you get to the 10m range tell everybody to charge
    Thanks for the tip, but it seems I was not clear enough 🙂 the problem is not that the player cant deal with javelins, but it is with the AI. Now, bows are much more unbalanced than javis for sure, but still for me this is the issue:ranged weapons are too strong, so unless you play purposely sub-optimal tactics, all battles in the campaign end up as a shooting fest, where you suffer on avarage 1 casualty for 100 killed enemy. Like if this wont be the middle ages(ish), but the 19th century, british empire vs the zulus 😀
  5. Should javelins get nerfed?

    Last week I did some simple tests via custom battles against the AI, sending 100 archers vs 100 infantry, with various factions. I did not intrervene, just wanted to see the AI in action. These battles were very onesided, as one can imagine, the infantry usually ran away before reaching the line of archers.

    The one noteable exception was the Khuzaits however. They caused heavy casaulties with javis to the archers from 40-60 m, and in one occasion (against Sturgian archers), they even won the battle. Not tested javis vs regular infantry, but I am sure the results will be devastating. I believe a full javi army will be op in campaign as well.

    There are a lot of consideration of course, like the AI not using shield wall etc, but I find it somewhat immersion breaking for me to have such high damage output from ranged weapon - considering the game's medieval settings. What I would like to see is melee oriented battles, where the ranged troops are strong, but mostly supporting units only.
  6. Should javelins get nerfed?

    Exactly, javelins should be destroying shields easily, rn they destroy everything BUT shields xD also the huge, huge problem is AI's aim vs moving targets, it's underwhelming. If you're moving near a freaking T2 bandit with javelin on a pacing horse, you know he will just take you down surely.
    Well, their track record is indeed good against shields, because every sane person would carry a big shield in battle 🙂 I am sure they were devastating against ppl as well, in case of a clear hit. What is unrealistic however, and should be nerfed imho, is their effective range, which should be around 20 m instead of the current 60
  7. workshops on strike?

    It seems to depend on the supply/demand situation. If the raw materials are too expensive or the price of the end product drops, the production might not be viable anymore, so the workshop closes. When the price goes up, the workshop can reopen, but I found it is better to cut your losses and open another shop.

    Besides of selecting the right shop in a given city, you can also support your shop via trading. If you buy the end product and bring cheap raw materials to the city it helps to maintain decent profit from the operarions.
  8. Are Workshops even worth it? (Response to pottery nerf)

    Pottery is not that great anymore, but ironmongers are still producing 200-300 denars in my game.

    What really botheres me is that you lose the workshop once in war with the city's faction. But otherwise I would not mind a bit of nerf in income. The ideal would be to have a more balanced (eg most workshop with local resources could make some money), but lower income.
  9. Caravans should be safe income source or not?

    In my view the caravan has never been entirely free income, because the "resource" you payed for them was the companion.

    What I would prefer is to keep them safe, but limit their income and provide some tools to the player to interact with them. For instance, in case of a war, you should be able to stop them, or reroute them to avoid enemy territory. Or, have the option to buy safe passage for the caravans, so they wont be hit by enemy lords.
  10. Please nerf archers one way or another.

    A major issue is the AI's inability to use shields properly. This is partially because the AI is not using the shield wall formation, but also because the game considers shield blocking as an action, rather than a passive/default stance. This is working fine is melee, but somehow the AI tend to forget this against archers. So even if the AI has only shielded infantry they just run towards the archers, and get massacred.

    I also agree with @Chad Thunderchicken, the rate of fire is a problem too. Warbows should have much slower speed. This could be nicely balanced, eg. to have longbows with armor penetration and slow rate of fire, while horse archers and such should be able to fire very quickly but should be ineffective against armor, except maybe from point blank range.

    But it is not only the archers, imho the whole ranged combat should be redesigned, because throwing weapons are op too. I am OK with their damage potential, but their range should significantly reduced. It is nuts that javis are thrown from 60 meters with deadly accuracy. For reference the javelin throwing world record is 98 meter, with a run up and light javelin designed to fly and not for combat.
  11. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    It's not like we can all get online and test these theories in multiplayer captain mode.

    Haha, I was not even aware that its a thing :smile: but I guess multiplayer is anyway a different ball game, and no one will show up with full infantry or full archer rooster. I would probably go for stg like 30% infantry 70% archer (assuming only infantry and archer is on the menu)
  12. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    that is more of an ai issue.
    give 2 player those same groups of units and i assure you the human player with the shields will win, he will just tells his men to go into shieldwall untill the archers run out of ammo. sure he will take losses but not that many.
    the ai does not use the formations needed.

    I agree the AI not using shield wall is a major issue, but still the share firepower of ranged weapons is stupid. There is no way an archer could shoot aimed shots with a warbow from 100 meters in every 2 seconds. Javelins are even more weird, with their long range and pinpoint accuracy. Now, dont get me wrong, I still enjoy the game, but I would even more enjoy a more authentic medieval combat experience, with longer battles and more tactics instead of this shooting fiesta.

    Also, on the matter of the theoretical player battle, I am not so sure about the victory of infantry. Yes they can use shield wall, but the archers will not just shoot them from the front, but split the try to flank the shield wall.
  13. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    @Soulcharger ok, 2h are not completely useless. This is a game, so I am sure you can find some use case if you enjoy using them. But it is still just an inferior unit type.

    @Neat on the comment that one type will always be the best - the problem is that currently ranged weapons are absurdly powerful. Just try a custom battle 100 archer vs 100 infantry. Usually the infantry does not even reach the line, just runs away after losing 50-60 men. The worst thing is that the only infantry which performs OK in that situation is the Khuzait, but not because of their melee prowess, but because they have javis , which they start throwing from 70 yard...
  14. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    2h units are useless, but that's I am kind of OK with (realism and whatnot). The issue is archers massacre even the shielden infantry. The rate of fire and accuracy on long range is pretty unrealistic imho.
  15. All 276 Unit Spreadsheet with all information. (Armor, Weapons, Skills, Etc.) For easy sorting and comparison.

    Great job man. You will probably hate me even for asking 😁 but is there a way to extract/list the armours of the troops? Since all ppl have the same hp, armour (and equipment of course) seems to be the most important to me.
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