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    Game like M&B warband

    SvenssonHD said:
    Pirates & Vikings & Knights

    This game is awesome!

    well, for all of you guyz, thanks for dat many kind of game list
    n if you have any game , please tell me :grin:
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    Game like M&B warband

    I'm sorry,
    I mean, i want 3rd person gameplay and open world
    I dont care if it medieval or pirate, but not shooter
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    How do you feel about the recent 1.143 patch?

    I kinda hate it
    after i install 1.143 patch, it change my gameplay, i cannot do a prison break, i don't get any report (like killed, damage, etc)

    Ps : If this was not 1.143 patch, please tell me how to fix this :S
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    Rescue Prisoners from Castle

    Hey, I had a problem about breaking the prison, I cannot talk to any guard, but when i kill the prison guard, i got the key still, it said , DOOR IS LOCKED Please...What is the problem?
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    Mods for M&B Warband ver.1.134

    Hey guyz! I really need your help :!: Right now, i'm playing Native Expansion BUT! It getting bored when i play the same mod all day so, Is there any other mods for M&B WB ver. 1.134?
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    Game Suggestion

    Hey guyz, i just wanna know what games can i play in my laptop with this graphics? Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7100 (1.8Ghz, 800MHz) 252MB Mobile Intel Graphics Please...i'm bored to death :S
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    Rate the song above you!

    nice~ i love metallica

    but love Linkin Park more
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    FRIENDS OF GABBY - tell me your game adventures in 1755 v.3.2

    Gab, I will always love you and remember what great things you have done!!

    It's sad that you can't finish your new mod / make another great mod like 1755 old frontier
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    Rate the song above you!

    3/5 not bad

    Welcome to the new generation~
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    Brytenwalda [how to increase morale?]

    shikaka said:
    - enable the feature
    - rest in a town until there is no penalty
    - disable the feature

    If you disable while having penaly, you will be stuck with it.

    oooh, that's why i keep getting the penalty,
    so, if i enable it, i'm free right?
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    B Musket Era Other [WB] Pirates & Fishmod

    If the mod is dead n even yoshiboy had announced it,
    Why don't lock this post already?

    It just kinda give spirit to other people that the mod will done
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    Anti Government protests in Northern Africa/Middle east

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    B Medieval [WB] Crusader - Way to expiation

    eliasW said:
    just wait..... 10 years

    10 years later, this game will be like a rubbish to all
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    Rate the song above you!

    nice~~~ 4/5

    Bring back memory of  what Israel have done to Gaza
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