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  1. More armor and shields, please. A lot more. Hell, let us craft armor while at that.

    Instead of armor crafting, I think armor COMMISSION is a better idea.

    So instead of relying on RNG for high end armor to appear in shop, you talk to the armorer, choose a piece of armor from a list and pay him to make it. You can add a wait timer to simulated the crafting time. That's the logical and historical way of obtaining high-end armors and probably don't require anything too complicated and game-breaking.

    This. I like this. Sure, you should be able to learn to smith armors yourself, but this should be the main way of doing it unless you invest a lot of time and materials yourself to learn it.
  2. 30 is a little over the hill, no?

    Ok, you just pissed off one third of the players here. M&B has always attracted a more mature crowd, and if you don't think I am angry for thinking that a guy like me can't one day amass armies and become dictator of the world... well, just saying don't mess with my fantasy life.

    But yeah, I noticed even most Warband mods had no pity on the starting char. Why would you need renown to join an army? Sure, they will hire cotton shirted recruits, but not you. Start at 16, join an army, take your risks and save money til you can afford your own caravan to start making enough money to start building a personal army.

    But yeah, age is an odd thing here. You start off slow and stupid, while in real life you are fast and stupid. I suggested in a Warband mod that you lose Str and Agi once you get past 40 (F you bud! I can still outrun you). And once you hit 70 you lose Intelligence. Charisma can stay, cuz who can hate a senile, frail old timer? It would be amusing to see your 'perks' go down. Plus it might inspire you to retire and use one of your kids as a successor a little earlier. I mean, why retire when you're 95 and have full strength and athletics

    I kind of like these ideas. Options for starting age/situation would also be good.
  3. WHY is the class system staying?

    So you want the game to be an archer-paradise for people who cannot melee in a game that has deeper melee combat out of anything, what was fun exactly by getting your legs shot by archers 24/7?

    Yes, that is exactly what I want. Medieval CS with heat-seeking arrows and bolts. Horses that shoots lasers out of their ass as they fly by at mach 3.
  4. WHY is the class system staying?

    Playing with a shield is skill-based the same way playing without it is. Not taking a shield was never truly viable in a competitive environment and honestly, it should stay that way. 2 handers offer 3 - 4 times the damage of 1 handed weapon and are balanced by not being viable against ranged units. The shield combat, even though it's worse than in Warband and not as fun, still requires you to understand timings, not to mention that with the current block settings, it's impossible to play without a shield against 2 skilled people at once. If you want to play 2 handers fiesta, you can transition to Mordhau. Shields protect against ranged units, cavalry couches and multiple enemies at once, wanting them to break after 5 hits is very subjective and probably even selfish suggestion.

    I personally find shields and how they work in Bannerlord way more fun and exciting, regardless which end of the shield I'm at, than in Warband. I just wish they remove the force field they implemented in Bannerlord, was more fun without it.
  5. Improving Fiefs - Improving Single Player Experience

    Okay maybe you should be able to add more garrison, or gift a structure ( paying that) to increase the hearts/prosperity of that place.

    But the fact it's like.. if you tied that to a mission or quest.. and there is no mission spawning, because they system/game doesn't spawn mission in that place for no reason at all,you will not be able to always do.

    I mean for me it'skinda an issue that villages that maybe could be important to me having a landlord with more than 200 in power, don't give me any mission, so i am not able to recruit from them elite troops.

    Well of course. The idea when talking about any suggestion, or about the game in general, is that things and mechanics (quests spawning) would function. It is very important however as you have to bring up the issue that is at hand right now - that the quests aren't spawning properly.
  6. Please let us create and use "SPEAR"-Wall, Circle, whatever formation

    Yes please. Give us spearwall and better shieldwall that prioritizes shields, and make the AI more capable with spears again.
  7. Talworlds Updates Are Brutal

    This is the game's fault, not the player's. If the game presents you with a load of options and playstyles, all of them should be viable. Right now your only real option is to grind the same easy activities until you get enough money for more permanent income. The quests suck, the merc income sucks, the trade sucks. Spamming looters is the only thing anyone does in the early game, which is inexcusable since the earlygame should be the most fun and varied part of a sandbox RPG like this.

    You couldn't be further from the truth. I do a mix of many things while playing and get money from various sources, not only chasing looters. I already also think the start is one of the most fun parts of the game, albeit I want the game improved and further developed - but that goes without saying.
  8. Improving Fiefs - Improving Single Player Experience

    In this game you usually improve relations with your fief or city, in order to recruit more and better troops without the need of training them.

    From a game point of view, I think it's also the main reason why you don't give the possibility to recruit Garrison directly from City or Castle, if you want more troops? You need to have better relations with the people who count in the world.

    Otherwise would be pointless to improve relation with the fiefs or cities, spending time doing quest for them. If I can recruit 50 or 100 troops from a place of any level I want, there would be less way game.

    But actually as you can see i am 800+ days inside a game, and in 800+ days not a single mission spawned for this fief( and many others).
    And it become quite a burden experience as you have a fief that it's useless and doesn't allow you to recruit troop. Of course you make me waste( and not invest time) going around to city if a city or a fief offers quest, without making me seeing it from the world map ( not even with more scount abilities), but from my point of view, I think it's gamey, and it even could be considered a bug the fact that in 800 days they don't have a problem that I can help them to resolve.

    My proposal then it's to allow the player to spend INFLUENCE or MONEY, or even BOTH together in order to increase relations with the city elder/landowner/headman or whatever you want.
    Or another way would be if you trade with the village ( a resource that they need and that somewhere tells to you), you increase relations with them
    Or if they make a big profit, you raise relations with them( Like in the older M&B)

    In this way, also the player who don't love to fight or do quest, could be able to improve relations with the fief directly.( like some perks suggest you could do).

    or if you don't agree with this, at least make spawn more missiosn, or add a counter that if you visited a village and they didn't had any quest, after X days they will make one spawn. even a year time, would be not 0.


    What do you think guys?

    I'm all for more varied ways of increasing relations with villages. Having a way to use influence and/or denars for some specific quest, project or help that the village needs could be good.

    I like the idea of providing a regional village what it lacks, but I think it should be tied into a quest or as a gift to the village, not selling it to them. Exception to the rule would of course be some highly costly and specific item needed - say 10 War Horses or 10 Elite Infantry, or something.
  9. More use of messengers and diplomats [Suggestion]

    Aye. As in I like this and would like to see it implemented in the game. Aye.
  10. Will the Banner editor get an upgrade at some point?

    Did they really? More advanced how? I'm seriously asking because I didn't participate in the beta and I think the current in game banner editor is shameful.

    There were more colours available to chose from and maybe some other detail I cannot remember right now. It wasn't much more advanced, but by the very definition, it was more advanced. Still quite simple, and everyone wanted it expanded, improved and built upon rather than keeping it as it were, or as it was to become as it is now.
  11. Hardcore request... and other things

    I think, in my opinion, this game would be much better if there was the possibility to create hardcore servers with NO crosshair and NO friendly icons on the head. Those things make the playability too easy and break inmersion.

    I personaly would differenciate more the desing of the models of the different factions, not only the clothes and colors, but also the proportions of the body (right now all the models are just the same ape design), and why not, the animations if possible. Also why not different anatomy into one specific faction (fat guys, skyni guys, strong guys, etc). The idea is to represent natural bodies of different races, not ape only models. I know this is work, but the idea is to make a better and more realistic game.

    In my opinion this game is a big step over Warband in terms of details, but not enough fot two games so separated in time. Of course still this is a very interesting and playable game for me, and I hope it will develop much more, the same that Warband did. The combat is based in the exactly same concept, and could have been improved with more details and something new. I don't know, maybe introducing tireness, better animations, more timming ingredients, wounds impact on speed, consequences of injury (an arrow in your leg makes you not to run but only walk with an specific animation), etc.

    Yes I would love this.
  12. [Suggestion] Multiplayer Campaign Warfare

    Would battles be fought in private servers with custom maps and units? Because none of that is in the game... Yet.

    If TaleWorlds implements this game mode, they would host their own servers for sure. But like I said, this has been done previously for Warband, people played it like crazy, and all we used were some dedicated servers for this battle (actually they were duel servers, but any time a battle was about to happen it would kick everyone and convert for the battle instead).

    Units worked such as: every unit is created naked. So every soldier in every players party is a naked unit. However, people bought every piece of gear they want their army to use. So when people joined a game and played as these soldiers, for every life they would spawn, they would first get to choose what items to spawn with. Just like in regular native Multiplayer you know - click the boxes and select what items to equip before you spawn. And then you spawn. The units would also in Warband have the attributes and skills of the actual player playing the soldier - so people would add short messages to their applications such as "21 str 21 agi xbow shielder".

    This made it so you'd go through applications and accept people with the right skills depending on the weapons and plan you had in mind for your soldiers.

    Maps would be either randomly generated field battles if you engaged someone in the fields on the map, but every village and town and castle had their own maps already of course. So like in native Warband.

    Best thing about it this game mode is that it worked and very well! We know for a fact it can be done again - the question right now is, will TW implement this or will someone else? I am here because I believe many people like me would love it if this game mode was implemented natively by TW, so that it gets the biggest possible audience immediately, and official development and support.
  13. [Suggestion] Multiplayer Campaign Warfare

    Basically a massive and elaborate and immersive medieval MMORPG that's actually good.
    The game is plain and simply way too bare-bones for any of that, although you could RP 90% of the story outside the game which requires a pretty decent community.

    Hell yes! People were roleplaying really cool in the previous mod as well, writing each others factions/Clans/guilds letters in "high english"/"old english"/"bandit language" etc. Was tons of fun, lots of diplomacy and other events happening. There were mercenaries guilds that roleplayed that, traders, bandits, Templars, all kinds.

    I updated the whole original post to be more concise and informative, if you wouldn't mind giving a quick read-through again. Thanks for replying.

    In this previous mod, every village, fief, castle and so on would produce different resources, that would be used for trading. They also produced different types of armor, weapons, and horses. This led to a very interesting economy where people had to travel to get what they needed, or rely on honest trade to get everything. All weapons and armors were also produced at different quality, and starting at something like rusty, and the owners of every fief once they claimed ownership would have to invest prosperity and money to make their village better at producing X-product. So you'd have people investing and specializing in making for examaple cheap, but not rusty and maybe even quite good maces, or cheap good swords, or shields, or expensive good weapons, or horses, and so forth. It was incredible.
  14. [Suggestion] Multiplayer Campaign Warfare

    sounds like a great system.
    I think taking hours to move though makes it more like those browser based strategy games which kinda puts me off a bit. I think it's best if the speed would be normal as in 1x speed in SP and battles happen on the spot (with maybe 5 min prep in which other parties can come join)
    When a players logs out it takes 1-5 min to actually have his character disappear (so as to not have people logging off before being caught by a bigger army or by a player they don't wish to fight) and if they get caught after logging off, the AI will automatically fight and control the units in place of the player (f6 should be a thing still in this mode)
    Target could be similar as SP, having to conquer the entire map. Players can make alliances and elect kings or anything of the kind. Join in armies and so on, I think it would be fun :smile:

    Hey man, glad to see it sparked your curiousity! This has already been done in Warband, and it has to be slow, because your character actually never disappears from the map, even if you log out. The idea is not to be constantly checking your character as it walks on the map, rather log in a few times a day to see OR keep a tab open that you check when you have time.

    You see how it was done before (but could be made in-game this time) is that you logged onto this website for this mod, and you had this map in the browser. In this browser you saw your character - a simple blob of color - on the map and you could click to move and interact in various ways with things and other people. Movement was very slow because you are not supposed to be on that map 24/7, you're supposed to play Warband/Bannerlord and do other fun things instead with your free time - and when things take long it adds to the feeling of achievement and what's at stake.

    What this map and mod was about however, is that is was a visual representation and way to interact with each other in a campaign, where also the battles would all be fought using only real people. No AI. Of course, there were the added elements of strategy and planning as you had to buy everything for your troops, everything.

    The various clans and guilds had various goals, some were only traders, some neutral, some were on a conquest and a lot had pacts with each other, and battled it out for total dominion. Certain alliances would claim certain big parts of the map - like the desert, or the northen part.
    Just like you write in the end of your post! :smile: With things taking time it really added to the whole atmosphere and feeling of how much is at stakes. Taking a castle took weeks of preparation, from recruiting all the troops necessary, finding and buying the right gear for the goal and then also to move to location - and then imagine you're up against 100 coordinated players on VOIP, with your own 100 guys on VOIP - makes for a totally different experience than singeplayer!

    People would scout the map for their guild and say "Enemy army 5 days away, heading our direction", and people would take action accordingly and plan, set up scouting parties and send out reinforcements.

    Of course, seeing settlements change colour and ownership in an online map, with only real players playing and no NPCs, with everything on the market bought and sold by players, made for a truly interesting and unique experience, kind of similar to a medieval EVE Online, just much more fun!

    To add: maybe your idea with having your character log off is good as well, but there is a feature in the original mod where everyone gets to choose certain hours where they are considered "Away", and as such if someone attacks you and the battle would have been scheduled 15.00 and you set your Away-time between 00:00-20:00, it means the actual battle would be booked 24 ahead from attacking time and only in bet-ween 20:00-23:59. This was to prevent people from attacking others during night times or when they are at work and thus not being able to participate in their own defense. Thus, regardless when anyone attacks someone else, the battle will take part only during the available hours that are pre-set by the one being attacked (the defender).
  15. MP Top Suggestions

    When you join an Empire you should be able to crucify people. Execution was not the imperial way. Crucifixion would be so cool if it was in the game.

    Would be fun to have different options of execution available to choose between. Beheading, Hanging, Crucifixion, Starvation, Poison, Burned alive, Crushed beneath a door and rocks, Torn apart on a stretch bench, Public execution by archer squad, Thrown into pit of snakes/to lions/tigers/camels, Slit throat, Bound by feet and hands then dragged behind a horse for 5 km... There are many ways.
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