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  1. The 2 greatest duelists in NA square off; Narmin vs. Forsaken where styles collide for the winner of the first 2020 tournament! Incredible matchup.

    lol not everything is about you, i was talking in general. you are better than me in dueling in bannerlord but i also dont play that game at all so that is not exactly a big achievement... its kind of embarassing for you to have an ego when after thousands of hours in warband u were **** but now...
  2. The 2 greatest duelists in NA square off; Narmin vs. Forsaken where styles collide for the winner of the first 2020 tournament! Incredible matchup.

    yeah this is one thing i hate about pub dueling lol. people like to assume you are always trying hard on duel and when they kill you they genuinely think they're better
  3. Taleworlds needs to hold themselves accountable and admit that many key decisions regarding multiplayer have backfired.

    imagine thinking the neogk bit is true, were you a tdm-only pub player? it'd make sense why you seem so braindead
  4. This is pathetic

    I like how you say 'get good' and think having to adjust are factors behind combat complaints. They aren't. Any player that was good in Warband is still good in Bannerlord. The problem is that the combat's been made easier to cater to new players or those that lacked the mechanical skill to...
  5. Envy [NA/EU] *recruitment semi open*

    what we really need is faster combat speed and better infantry mechanics. as of now the infantry skill ceiling has been reduced to a toddler's level. it's the only reason why these new bannerlord clans think they can compete
  6. Envy [NA/EU] *recruitment semi open*

    this clan sucks ass
  7. Is there an MMR system?

    Yeah I feel like a temporary solution is desperately needed as currently I'm finding that stacks tend to roll the other team (at least for NA servers). This will put off beginners from playing modes like Skirmish more and slowly kill off the multiplayer player base. A temporary fix like...
  8. [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    your anecdotal experience doesn't reflect how he plays all the time. whenever i did play with him on my team, he always rushed spawn as a cav and would die within like 20 seconds of the match and the thing is, he knows he's bad so maybe he shouldn't try that if that's the case, then they...
  9. [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    this coming from the guy with like 100 mmr apparently, who throws every game, and seems to be trying to get to 0 mmr?? idk how you aren't even banned tbh. this is why the admin team blows my mind, there's fiery who's permabanned for the dumbest thing and those same admins msg him all the time...
  10. [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    who said it was mutually exclusive? regardless, what I said is also based off of everything that has happened
  11. [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    whyd u braindead mans even ban him for being toxic LOL i heard he just called someone bad which is probably true anyways
  12. [NASL] North American Scramble League S2 Signups (Reserves Only)

    Name: Mav Steam: ID: 1126270 Main Class: Inf Do you want to be a captain? (Yes/No) no
  13. North American Duel Tournament v2 Trox wins Version 2!

    Name: Magerick Steam ID: Na or EU: NA