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  1. Co-op

    I showed you where TW said co-op is not happening. Now show me where they said they were making it as a DLC. Otherwise, all I hear is "no co-op? Waa,waa,waa," crying like a baby.

    "Will the game have co-op?

    Adding co-op functionality to Bannerlord would increase the complexity and development time of the project considerably and therefore it will not be included in the release. We can hopefully add it as a DLC after release. We think the only viable way to support this is to make a single party co-op where additional players can join the main player’s battles but cannot venture into the campaign map on their own. "
    to be specific.
    It's not like there isn't a modding community behind the project
    These guys have made considerable progress on the issue and refuse funding before release. Remember a game only exists when there's a desire for it to exist and it's changed accordingly and the M&B community does have a large group of people who want Co-Op. But if you want to keep spamming the thread going "Waa, Waa" that's fine stay mad.
  2. Co-op

    TW saying they have no plans now or in the future is a very good counter-argument. Now, give it a rest. It's not going to happen.
    They've also said that they want to make it a DLC and are currently looking into the problem so mixed messages. You're not really making a point you're just quoting one post and taking it as an absolute truth.
  3. Co-op

    It´s also beeing discussed here right now:

    I don´t think we need to threads for the same topic?!
    Thanks I didn't notice I think it was in a different area
  4. Co-op

    Jesus H. Christ. Search is your friend. We don't need more stupid threads about co-op. The second post in this thread is TW's response.

    I ain't happening.
    That's not really a counter only really stating that before launch it won't happen. The devs already stated they could see it as a dlc post launch and there's not a real argument as to how these suggestions wouldn't fix the issues at hand regarding time management.
  5. Co-op

    From what I've heard if there is going to be a co-op the developers think it'll be simply an extra member in a party. Is there no other way? Since playing Bannerlord I've tried avoiding combat only staying around for larger-scale fights instead either leaving or auto resolving so if the co-op...
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