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    [WIS] Free Agents

    Name: Kassia Nationality: Ukrainian Preferred Class: Infantry Past Teams: Brutal Killers of Death Taleworlds: <--- Steam:
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    Blademaster 2 :- Complete!

    Name: Kassia Steam:
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    [WNL7] Free Agents

    Name: Kassia Past Teams: Taleworlds: <--- Steam: Preferred Class: Infantry
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    [WNL7] Sign Ups & Introduction | Open

    If any team is looking for an inf:  ^ㅈ^
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    The Champion's Cup $100 Duel Tournament

    In-Game Name: Kassia Steam Link:
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    Team Name: Crazy Chinchillas Team Tag: CC_ Team Banner:   Player 1: LordMetzger Player 1 ID: 90977 Player 2: Kassia Player 2 ID: 3167891 Contact:
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    5v5 Cavalry Tournament - The Best Tournament

    Team Name: Panda and Friends  :lol: Team Banner: Team Roster:
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    Native Fantasy League [NFL] Sign ups!

    Name: Kassia ID: 3167891 Main Class: Infantry Second Class: Steam: TaleWorlds: <--- Interested in leading a team?: (Yes/No) No Would you mind/Do you want to call for your team even if you aren't the captain?: (Yes/No) No
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    [WNL6] Team Rosters

    Please remove me (Kassia) from Malta
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    2017 North American Dueling Tournament Platypus Victor!

    Name: Kassia Contact Information:
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    [WNL6] Free Agents

    Name: Kassia Past Teams:PaF, aD, Tq Taleworlds: <--- Steam: Preferred Class: inf
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    [SL2] Scramble League - Balanced Version

    Name: Kassia Steam: ID: 3167891 Main Class: inf Do you want to command? (Yes/No) no
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    [WSC] Announcement - Sign ups

    Name: Kassia Past Teams: Nationality: Ukrainian Taleworlds: <--- Steam: Preferred Class: inf
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    Blademaster Duel Tournament -Complete-

    Kassia 10 - 3 Belendor Kassia 10- 5 Belendor gg wp