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    Problems with the Captain Meta (and how to fix it by giving Light and Heavy actual roles)

    As someone that avidly played Captain mode in the beta, I would really love to see such sweeping changes implemented into the game mode. Hell, Captain mode seems like the one mode that is properly suited for the often criticized class system that Taleworlds is so devoted to and yet Captain mode is still a mess.
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    Quest Idea: Bandit Army

    Hello, I came up with this quest idea because I saw a problem in Bannerlord that could be solved with a simple quest. The Problem: Bandit parties are everywhere and impossible to totally eliminate, even for a short while. For a player, it's easier to eliminate a faction than it is to eliminate...
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    Goodbye Mexxico, Thanks For Everything! (Mexxico Leaves TW. Tribute Post)

    Mexxico! Thank you for being so engaged with the community during this EA period. Your efforts shined a bright light during a dark period and your contributions will be dearly missed. Best of luck in all things!
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    [POLL] Unit behaviour by class

    I really like the idea and it really seems like this is how new players would even expect the units to behave like. Why would skirmishers NOT skirmish, but instead just be light infantry who happen to toss a couple throwing weapons if they have time. Hopefully something like this gets implemented once some more pressing issues are resolved (sieges, diplomacy, etc.)
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    should smithing even be a skill?

    When it was revealed that we would be able to have unique weapons smithed, I thought to myself, "Oh that's cool. I can pay a skilled blacksmith to make a unique weapon." It literally never crossed my mind that it would be a skill until after they revealed it as such.
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    What happened to Bread?

    Given the fact that bread was literally the ration of choice for medieval armies of Europe, yes I want bread.
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    New profile themes

    Now who will have the guts to keep it permanently? :razz:
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    Can MP Armour/Weapon selection go back to the way Warband had it?

    It really was just straight up better, but it seems like one of those stubborn design decisions that they won't spend development time on to change. Instead they spend development time on attempting to balance and improve the class system.
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    Need More Info [1.5.6] Enemy Party All Wounded

    I played the same game and ran into other parties of Beni Zilal that are also all wounded. This appears to be a recurring issue, at least in this game, for the Beni Zilal clan.

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    Need More Info [1.5.6] Enemy Party All Wounded

    Summary: All members of an enemy party were wounded and never healed despite chasing them for a large enough distance for some of them to heal. After catching them, the only loot available was a single desert horse. How to Reproduce: No idea. I was just riding around as a mercenary for the...
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    Argue for beauty [vote Available for "Sanala" City]

    It would be cool to at least see visually that capital cities are more grand than their counterparts across the rest of the faction. Something like The Round City of Baghdad would be a really cool design for the Aserai capital city, but there might be some trouble with the figuring out siege AI for such a different city design.

    Other things that could set capital cities apart could be the addition of world wonders. They could also provide bonuses to the capitals or special activities:
    1) A Great Library (Aserai)
    2) A Legendary Forge / Blacksmith (Battania)
    3) Grand Bazaar (Khuzait)
    4) Special Coliseum (Empire)
    5) Ludus Magnus or A Great Gladiator Training School (Empire)
    6) Aqueducts (Empire)
    7) Special Shipyard (Sturgia)
    8 ) Unique Stables / Horse Breeders (Vlandia)

    The addition of this type of stuff isn't really a top priority, but it would add some badly needed uniqueness and flavor to Bannerlord.
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    Real Tournaments?

    I've been thinking that there could be two types of tournaments. The first type is what we have now. A general brawl to keep the commoners entertained that has a relatively low value prize. The second type is a rarer grand tournament that would attract nobles and notables to participate. The events would incorporate some of the ideas in this thread and the prize would be of much more significant value. They may or may not be part of a larger feast or festival at the town as well.
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    This cart can't be unintentional...

    Well, we've pretty well established that the cart is intentional. Though one question does remain: what is its intention?
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    Potential multiplayer skins leak

    I'm not even sure how cosmetic skins would work in Bannerlord. So they sell fancy armor to people, does that mean their armor is more protective too? If not, that means there is a disconnect between the visual (their improved armor) and the mechanics. Likewise, how long before there are high fantasy armors or armor that is just plain silly? I want to support TaleWorlds too, but I'm not sure cosmetics are the right direction.
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