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    Cannot play PW without crashing

    Turn on environment shadows if you haven't
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    Dekkers´ PW Scenes

    hi boss
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    [EU] Oasis - Refreshment -=- Scripts -=- Active staff -=- All about fun

    chunky_monkeh said:
    Froi said:
    As Scorpia said, if you are just shifting the money around players banks, then the same amount of money is still in circulation, just not all in one players hands, which doesn't help the situation that much.

    I would advise you find a way to take the "houses cut" (or whatever it's called, I don't gamble much) so some money is always leaving the system every time you do this lottery.

    Late response: 25% is charged of the 10k for each ticket. That 25% dissapears.
    So it does have effect on the economy.

    It does for a bit, but then people could just donate 10 euros each to get almost 2 million in their bank, making the economy same as before.
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    Ever Realms Reborn- A North American Server

    question mark innit
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    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    PW board seems silent without Peasant. heh
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    [NA] - [ Avalon ] - Main - Thread - [ Avalon Rev3 - LIVE ]

    Splinter, out of curiosity, do you remember what the rank 'PA' meant on EUA?
    I'm having a hard time remembering.
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    Old Main thread

    Glopaxi said:
    Dobas said:
    Vikings won't ride horses in this mod


    You don't n33d t0 play dis innit
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    [ Nemesis ] - [ Custom server development ] [ Taking requests ]

    Just as Illuminati said, I was told by Conner himself that I'm threatening to DDos Oasis, just right after I got perm banned from Oasis for no reason.
    Quite frankly EU Oasis is nothing like Nexus and won't ever be. They need to get a stable server first, by that I mean something that doesn't lag when there's 120 people on, won't even get into the admin team.
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    Native Completed European Duel Tournament III

    In-Game Name: Scippio
    Steam Name/Other Contact Info: Scippio
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    Why is this so dead?

    Andrix said:
    Don't forget we have Persistent Sagas to wait for!

    That's what I'm personally waiting for. FW has nice concept and everything, but it's too clan based for me.
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    Why is this so dead?

    It'll go on for a while and it will just quiet down, look at other 'Persistent' mods that have come out for the past 2 years. Only one that succeeded was Persistent Frontier, which lasted for a fairly long time and maybe is still going... don't know really.
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