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    The Ultimate Introduction to Modding | Starting out? Read this!

    What do you mean it's wrong? ( I am still very very new to this )
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    The Ultimate Introduction to Modding | Starting out? Read this!

    Hi, Do not know if you will reply to this but i'm still having a problem with pretty much the start i have re-read this so many times and be all over the forum trying to figure it out... but when you tell us to do this:****.jpg
    I have pretty much the same thing put in this is what i have in..****1.png
    And this is what comes up when i try to to run the .Bat****2.png
    I have went on to so many threads i just cant figure it out help! it just wont work for me! :s
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    Not working for me on Steam and from talesworld!!0.o

    Vince u are my ****ing hero i love u <3 , Also i seen U in Ripperx'S Video of mount and musket I laughed so much At u just playing ur flute:smile: Cheers so much <3
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    Not working for me on Steam and from talesworld!!0.o

    Ok since i bought this game the online does not work in ANY of the games when i try to join a server is says "Unable to connect to server" My game was bought Via steam seeing as that did not work i reinstaleed nothing diffrent then i uninstalled then i went to the talesworld site And downloaded...
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    Common problems and Solutions! (READ BEFORE POSTING!)

    Ok vince how about this i got it from Steam bought the whole set including the DLC from steam when i try to go into muliplayer Servers it just says unable to connect to server on EVERY server , So then i downlaoded it from the talesworld site put in my code STILL the same thing its just starting to get a annoying please help 0.o
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    napoleonic wars HELP ME

    MaHuD said:
    Who did you buy it from?
    Steam? Taleworlds? Gamersgate? or some other company?
    He says he bought it via Taleworld
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    My online dosnt work! :S

    u assumed right my friend
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    Online Doesnt Work HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!

    Happens to me 2.
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    napoleonic wars multiplayer crash

    Urgg Any luck on that patch?0.o
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    swadian lord dan said:
    there is a load of bugs flying around mate. i cant even get into an mp match i just get "unable to join server" expect a patch or something in the next few days and all this stuff will be ironed out (hopefully)

    I have the same thing just says unable to join server on every game and its the excact same on warband itself its ****ing gay.
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    Your most memorable moment in NW?

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    [98UK] Recruiting!

    Hello we are a new regiment for M&Musket and also Napoleonic, We are only starting so we are looking for many recruits! , Were looking for men or woman who can FOLLOW orders from their surpieriers thank you please do this Below...  <3 [Q]What is your steam name? : [] [Q]Do you have a mic...
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    Napoleonic Wars crashes on multiplayer

    All getting the same as me... Wow waste of money for the time being? :sad:
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    ☆The British Army☆

    Can UK reigments join u?
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