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[98UK] Recruiting!

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Hello we are a new regiment for M&Musket and also Napoleonic, We are only starting so we are looking for many recruits! , Were looking for men or woman who can FOLLOW orders from their surpieriers thank you please do this Below...  <3

[Q]What is your steam name? : []

[Q]Do you have a mic? (Needed): []

[Q]What is your in game name/Nickname : [ ]

[Q]Do you have, or are you able to get, Teamspeak: [ ]

[Q]Will you be able to Join in on most of our events?: [ ]

[Q]What is your experience in Mount and blade?  IF you have been in a regiment before write why you left. : [ ]

[Q]In which country are you located? Prefer UK people , but if ur not aww well?  : [ ]

[Q]What is your age?[ ]

[Q] Can u help others with problems? : [ ]

[Q]Do you swear to uphold the code of conduct and fulfill your obligations to the regiment? : [ ]
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