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    What's the use of level-up in Multiplayer?

    If you want levels and gold to actually mean something, play cRPG -instead of dead vanilla game
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    I'm getting "Could not connect to server" when I try to log in, any fix?

    Server downtime.

    They'll be up and running again tomorrow after the official release
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    Armor lack of effectiveness Devs should consider

    Taleworlds takes an all-time L on this one.

    For nearly 3 years, dedicated and passionate players have been alerting them of a simple problem that needs fixing.

    Their response: neglect.
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    Healing rates for heroes vs regular troops is ass-backwards

    Healing takes forever for the player, and pretty much anything can one-shot you.

    Why create a game that encourages the player to be passive and inactive?
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    Suggestion: Cosmetics unlock based on current match score

    You can tell a good player just by the way they move, you don't need some dorky skins or cosmetics in order to identify them lol
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    so is this game dead now?

    why bother making a console version if it wont have crossplay

    The console crowd are mindless consumers. Even if Bannerlord for consoles doesn't have crossplay, they won't care. If you simply put something in front of them and slap a $60 price tag on it, they'll just consume it -no questions asked. It's just how they are.
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    so is this game dead now?

    It's over bro
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    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    Tell others about your cowardice. If you haven't realized what they're writing about here, well, not everyone can understand!

    The only act of cowardice here is creating a thread cleverly designed to draw the public's attention away from the fact that men are rampaging through the streets of Echerion, the Town Outskirts, and the Trading Post with red dot sights. They're completely running amok with their highly advanced optics! Yet you say nothing. I guess it's okay when it's not happening in your backyard, right?

    #shill #psyops #falseflag
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    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    Guys what about the red dot problem thats the worse cheat of them all


    Idk, this guy @777vda is just too scared to call them out.

    He's scared to death, he's scared to look, he's shook. #shookone
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    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    @777vda is quick to cry foul at bogus issues that aren't actually there, but he's scared to call out the red dot users.

    That pretty much tells you everything you need to know about this thread.
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    Bannerlord leaked for consoles?

    Do people even use consoles anymore? I stopped playing consoles after ps2.

    I'm not even trying to sound elitist; I used to be poor af and all I had at university was a cut rate laptop, so I just started playing games on that (hello Warband). It ended up being really fun so I just stuck with it. Fast-forward several years later and I was able to save up and put together a pretty solid PC and here I am now. A PC platform just offers lightyears more variety (in terms of both game selection and mods) than consoles ever could, so the preference is practically a no-brainer.
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    Sergeant should not grant +5% movement speed in Two Handed Sword perk in patch 1.7.2.

    It can rear it with a thrust last i remember.

    2H swords have never, ever, been capable of rearing horses. Not in any patch, period. You're remembering it wrong.
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    [Proposal] Ban poors from ranked skirmish mode

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