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    It is time to re-balance two handers.

    Sorry, I can't co-sign this OP. I agree (along with everyone on planet earth) that crush through has to go away -forever, and I'll add that the S+A and S+D movement is maybe a little too strong, for it allows faster classes to practically run the Boston Marathon backwards during combat. Those...
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    Bannerlord's Gameplay Has Gone Backwards In Multiple Areas From Warband

    This is a very fair point and something I think many people are forgetting. I don't like Bannerlord's lack of variety when it comes to battle scenes, but some of the random maps generated in Warband were absolute cancer. They didn't make any sense either. My army would engage an enemy on...
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    How to make Khuzait fun for multiplayer?

    As far as Skirmish goes, buff their light cav. Having stalwart light cav would allow them to take advantage of the multiple spawn Skirmish economy. This way they can out-produce other factions (at least in the cav department) due to their cost-effectiveness. I actually think a rabble-light...
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    How Could the Dev Team Make Night Time More Interesting?

    Cities could have a secret underground arena that only opens up at night. People would be very tight-lipped about its existence as the first rule of the secret underground arena is you DO NOT talk about the secret underground arena. It could serve as a place to fight and make bets -earning exp...
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    1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    That's right, nomad should have access to a good spear + shield combo, or maybe even a lance + shield. Some added armor to the horse or rider would be nice too. Khuzait should have the best light cav in the game.
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    1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    I feel like if they just buffed light cav Khuzait would be a lot more viable (and it would be more in spirit with the faction's historical inspirations i.e. Seljuks, Mongols, Central Asian horse nomads). Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones.
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    Infantry and Archer speed (Skirmish)

    I understood where you were coming from, and logically, your idea made sense. But unfortunately Bannerlord can be a little short on logic at times. Honestly, I wish the last flag worked more like Warband, where once Master of the Field was triggered the pushing team had to make their move...
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    Main Theme Music

    Yeah I turned off Warband's music within the first week of playing the game, and that was about 10 years ago. But if you're looking for a sweet jam to blade to, might I suggest this one:
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    1.5.3 RIP Horse archers

    The balancing of horse archers is going to be one of the trickiest things Taleworlds tackles during EA. Pre-1.5 patch, it's safe to say horse archers were sickeningly OP, due to their aim being infallible even at full gallop. The most recent patches mitigated this by creating an inverse...
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    Infantry and Archer speed (Skirmish)

    Hard disagree. If a team simply passively turtles point, then any opponent with two or more brain cells will outmaneuver them and set up a crossfire. Any inf the turtle team has sitting on flag are doing nothing, and therefore removing themselves from the engagement, while the other team still...
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    The Average Bannerlord Solo Queue Skirmish Experience

    Ranked would be helpful, but I'm afraid at this stage the playerbase might be too low for ranked matchmaking to have any meaningful effect.
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    The Average Bannerlord Solo Queue Skirmish Experience

    Can one even be a monster if their game constantly crashes?
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    Can everyone stop playing Team Deathmatch and jump on the Siege server instead?

    High pop siege (60+ players): 🐐 Low pop siege: :poop:
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    Bannerlord Refunded

    Please don't shill for refunds people. Sure, the game is missing a few features, but one can't really put a price on all the great friends they've made in the TDM chat.
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    Athletic vs Riding

    "Athletics skill increases by doing thrust attacks but not swings" Why am I not surprised that yet another mechanic is dictated by such capricious logic?