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    [WRL] Statistics

    Grrr! It was the only good match I played this tournament...
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    [W6C] Congratulations, Acknowledgements & Thanks

    I require a match for the ultimate 2nd place winner, next Sunday, Malta 1 vs Malta 2
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    [W6C] Semi-Finals (Deadline: 28/06)

    Malta 11 - 8 France GG, very nice comeback, have a good evening
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    [W6C] Semi-Finals (Deadline: 28/06)

    Dopey 10 - 3 Espana the last ss is missing but there was a stream so i hope we all good, have a good day
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    [WNL8] Congratulations & Thank Yous

    Lol I was honestly wondering why some randoms were posting but it's just a joke, wp TW
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    I actually tried it and it works, I had it set on maximum manually via the game and the value in the config file was 1.000, before changing the value in-game that indicated a number of troops was 150, when I changed the value in the files to 2.000 the value in the games' settings jumped up to...
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    Bear Force II - Friday 27.3.2020 20.00 GMT

    Clan name: - Knights of Malta Expected attendance: ~10 but can always fill up a lot of space if needed Leader Steam Contact: Co-leader Steam Contact: I have read and comply with the rules of the event.
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    Undeserved Win

    If you join the teams during officials in 2020 then you are just straight up stupid and irresponsible, deserved
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    Tardet's New Gambling House | SEMI FINALS are LIVE

    At least I don't have to do this every week now...
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    [BladeCast - Match Preview] Promotion Week

    Lovely and nerdy, well-done
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    Tardet's New Gambling House | SEMI FINALS are LIVE

    Your nickname: Habrak Your current team in the WNL (if any): Malta Which match are you betting on: Stark vs Dayne Result: Dayne win Bet amount: ALL IN!
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    WNL8 Top 5 Plays of the Week

    You can shoot through them too if you want
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    [WNL8] General Discussion

    That's what cheaters say...
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    [WNL8] Division A - Week 4 | Deadline: 01/03

    Malta 12 - 2 NWO i dont have the last screen, if u got it anyone just edit it in at some point server was ger12, gg