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    The Average Bannerlord Solo Queue Skirmish Experience

    Ranked Mode is on its way, these will not be an issue because quitters will be getting extra rating decrease and matchmaking penalties on repeat offences.
    Ranked will be a big problem in NA
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    [IPoints] ELO Raitings for clans NA&EU UPDATED 14.10.2020

    Well just admit that you guys gave a default on purpose in the group stage.
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    NA Skirmish Completed Royal Rat Rumble Tournament

    Steam Name: MihaWk
    Do you have a mic? Yes
    Would you be interested in being a captain? no
    Do you have prior team tournament experience?: yes
    Are you available on weekends and weekday nights? yes
    Do you pledge yourself to Rat Royal Family? I will serve the RaT family until my last breath
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    [CCC] Cheshire Cats Clan - [International]

    Heyyyy welcome back guys
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    Harsher punishment for noobs who rq

    We should execute those noobs!
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    crush through is broken af and should be gone 1.5

    Maybe thats the truth, and dont think im some pub ***** ok, im not retarded. Of course I don't want it to be 4, but like I said in the post your welcome to disagree, im fine with keeping it where its at just was bringing up discussion points
    Nobody said that you're a pub *****, actually, you assumed that your self sir.
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    crush through is broken af and should be gone 1.5

    I have, but I was testing the shield stuff with a buddy, and it took 12 hits with the one handed aserai mace to destroy a shield, I think the small round aserai shield
    So how many hits do you want it to be 4? Imagine you're in a skirmish game 12 hits is literally nothing
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    crush through is broken af and should be gone 1.5

    My suggestions
    2. Decrease shield hitpoints, or increase weapon bonus against shields to make them break faster
    You haven't played 1.5 yet have you?
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    Block Delay

    Warband is easier to understand than Dota, but the chaos is pretty simmilar, especially in 8v8.
    The differences is that with 16 players on the field, cavalry running everywhere, casual observers have no clue what the hell is going on. They just see blobs running at eachother and eventually 1 color wins.
    Thats basically the same in Dota, but you can see what abilities they do, the shiny colours make it look more epic and impressive than clicking a simple button.
    Warband didnt have any special attacks, its not like you click 3 and you hilt spam for 3 seconds, its difficult to know when a does something cool or not.

    We also fought teams that thought they were hot stuff after playing casual, like siege etc. They watch a few streams of competitive and think pfff we can do that, no problem! We crush them 12-0. It is hard to gauge skill differences in Warband unless you've played a fair amount.
    True, but at least you get an idea of what is going on in Warband and there can't be a class picked with different abilities and etc, not like in dota when you need a lot of time just to remember what kind of abilities each character has and etc.
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    Rittenhouse - Wardens of the Last Dragon [NA]

    Is it our time to shine?
    Rittenhouse is coming back? 🧐
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    Block Delay

    It's not about understanding the fundamental part, that's simply not interesting at all. How can someone admire your skill levels in Warband? The point is that someone is'nt going to watch just once but do it multiple times.

    Easier to understand the fundamentals sure but not exactly why the other guy was better than the one he won over. Then it becomes super boring.

    Immagine if Bannerlord could become that game that atleast has a chanse on a big competetive platform, would'nt you want it?
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    Block Delay

    The outsider will understand quicker in Dota 2 than one understands the mechanics of a warband match.

    This is no issue. No problem. Dota 2 has a budget way higher than what TW even can hope to achieve in Armagan's fever dreams and was designed for this, Warband was not even considered an esports-title, thats what the community made out of it. People here in this forum actually have to get down the horse that Warband was an awesome game to watch. If you are dedicated diehard fan - yes. If not, people laugh at it. I've seen that when I showed this to outsiders of this scene. "Wtf, this combat duuuuude!" all the ****. Also objectives were not as clear nor considered "fair" by the observers

    I stand by my point, Dota 2 is easier to understand of whats going actually on and what the roles of certain heroes are and what abilities do, if you're open to it. I can't say the same about Warband Streams, I'm sorry. Oh, and I have highest respect for these dudes running the battlestreams. Really.
    As I said again I agree with you that DotA 2 is more interesting to watch, but let's say this there's a guy who never played warband and there's a guy who never played games like DotA 2 before, he watches both streams 1 time and you're telling me that he will FULLY understand what is going on In DotA 2 more then warband? If your answer is yes well I'm done here and gl my dude. Under fully I mean character counters special item builds to counter the characters warding, ganks the character skills and etc
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    Block Delay

    DotA 2 is way more watchable than Warband. Understandability is something else though.
    I agree with you but the thing this dude is saying that a outsider can't understand what is going on in warband and an outsider understandswhat is going on in DotA 2 is ridiculous. And I forgot about the active items with which you can disappear, slow the enemy down, heal up and etc.
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    1.5b Heavy Inf Prices are Bad (150 gold -> 160 gold)

    This is why we need a more proper middle tier class. I hope the voulgier shield isnt going to be a ****ty one lol :grin:
    The shield brakes in 2 hits with a sword in beta 1.5 lol
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    Block Delay

    So it all boils down to people not liking the genre? Not anything with the game itself? Do you even notice how strange that sounds? Even games like AoE have a bigger playerbase wich comes from the considered dead genre of RTS and is like 20 years old and I'm not only talking about the defenitive edition.

    So you're basically implying that there is no improvements possible in Warband? If that is your opinion we can stop discussing but dont come here and say that I am an idiot because I strongly belive there is alot of things that can improve from Warband going into Bannerlord.

    You can think whatever you want about the game and so can I. The differense is that I'm trying to better the game and you want it to be the same.

    Also no those games looks serious and good on a competetive level, people can watch those games on elite level and still understand the mechanics and why this guy is better than that guy or why exactly this team won over that team. Looking at Warband on elite level it's impossible for an outstander to ****ing understand what hell is going on. Most people just like my friends would just laugh and be like "what the **** is this ****?" That is why Warband never can have a serious competetive platform and I for one would like Bannerlord to have that.

    But you can deny it all you want and say "To many scrubbs on planet earth that dont understand a good game when they see one" but that wont help much.
    Where did I say that bannerlord doesn't need improvement quote me on that one please and thank you, and one more question how are people suppose to understand who is better then who in warband or bannerlord? Simple who shoots better is a better cav and INF? Like if you don't understand what's going on during warband competitive games you HAVE TO BE DUMB, because there's only 3 classes that gets selected inf, cav and archers, nothing else everyone is waiting for the flag spawn or they just fight. And one more thing if you don't understand what's going on in bannerlord or warband competitive because it's rly simple HOW ON THE EARTH YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON IN DOTA 2 COMPETITIVE GAMES?????? There's 10 different characters with each character having 4 different skills and 5 different positions that people play, all the ganks and all the wardings. I'll tell you something EVEN if an outsider watches competitive warband he will understand what is going on because of the stream settings of warband where it literally says who is playing Archer who is playing cav and who is playing inf and it also shows the hp of the players, on the other hand I still watch some of the league streams and I have no clue what is going on in some situations because of the different skills every character has. So the conclusion is that if and outsider can't understand warband competitive streams and he can understand DotA 2 well I guess just start playing the game because you will be a pro in 1 year.

    EDIT: so the outsider won't understand what is going on here
    but he can understand what is going on in a final of international in DotA 2? Ok
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