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    Crucial Mechanic to deal with block delay!

    I am not trolling, I am just trying to point out that block delay is not a flat worsening of the gameplay.
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    Crucial Mechanic to deal with block delay!

    Yes yes yes you got it right!!!! (y)(y)(y) People on forum don't want to adapt to the new game. They want warband 2, and me too, but it is not warband 2. In warband I often clicked block and attack almost in the same time to keep the pressure going while keeping the defense up, CAN'T DO IN...
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    European Duel Tournament [WINNER - APRIKOSENMANN]

    Name: ContyS Contact Information:
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    Who is at the Top?

    this ^^, I feel you man. These forums aren't what they used to be back in 2011. Ahh, sweet times, when trolls like this got banned as they deserve.
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    Published evidence, final decision, winners & thank yous.

    guise, wat if all screenshots are photoshopped??????//?// JUST KIDDING THOUGH
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    More orders/commands mod?

    Try Prophesy of Pendor mod. I played it 2 years ago, and as i know it kept improving all this time. It has additional commands for your troops and it is the best singleplayer mod for WB overall.
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    Team Ukraine

    sonic no troll, sonic no troll in real life aswel
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    [NC2014] Suggestions

    sup guys, i have a suggestion. nc2014 should be played without any new maps.
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    Group Stage Bets [Results are in + Poll about Bonus Points]

    Group A 1. Poland 2. Russia 3. Italy 4. Canada 5. Greece                           Group B 1. UK 2.Turkey 3. SCA 4. Lithuania 5. Brazil                            Group C 1. BeNe 2. Ka & E.R. 3. Middle E. 4. Finland. 5. Ukraine      Group D 1. USA 2. France 3. Germany 4. Georgia 5. Czech
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    Team Ukraine

    Best banner ever indeed.
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    [ND3] - Player List (Applications Locked!)

    Please remove me from the tournament too.
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    [ND3] - Duel Results Thread

    Okocha 9 - 4 ContyS Strelok can confirm.
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    [ND3] - Duel Communication Thread

    Okocha check your PM on this forum.