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  1. Please help me save Swadia

    I am afraid many empires and kingdoms have fallen throughout History, so this is what may happen to Kingdom of Swadia as well :sad:
    You may have noticed that lords leave their faction and join another if they are too dissatisfied with their liege and hold no fief. Count Delinard is therefore likely to join another faction in the coming months, but he won't disappear. Just hope he won't join an enemy faction of yours, otherwise he will have to fight you until your liege makes peace with them, or until you leave your current faction. If Kingdom of Swadia was to disappear entirely, only King Harlaus would go into exile outside of Calradia for he is the ruler of that faction
    well its good that he wont disappear I actually haven't joined a faction I was planning on overthrowing the swadians and putting the Lady Isolla the rightful ruler on the throne but I cant do that if swadia doesnt exist so thats why I was getting close to delinard currently our relationship is 87 so....... Idk what to do next in my plan can you restore swadia
  2. Please help me save Swadia

    I've been playing for 10 hours now and vaegirs have taken over all of the Nords lands and the Rhodoks are emassing an army to deal the killing blow to Swadia down to their last two cities Suno and Uxkhal. the Rhodoks declare war and take Suno by force Suno falls due to King Harlaus deciding to...
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