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  1. Mega patch soon?

    "..we had estimated that the early access period would last for about a year. And while we are happy with the progress that has been made so far, we feel that the game isn’t quite ready for its full release just yet. As such, our tentative estimate for the release is Q4 2021, however...
  2. This is my "Dream Bannerlord" features. Hopefully developers can have a look & take few ideas from it. haha

    Fix AI and release whatever you have ready for beta that needs testing ASAP.
  3. Melee cavalry performance in 1.6.0

    I’ve been messing around with Vlandia and battania on sandbox since they always fight each other now instead of vlandia vs Skyrim. Interestingly they feel evenly matched. Both sides field a lot of Calvary. Majority of the AI victories come down to who wins the Calvary battle, but then again I am using Realsitic AI mod to avoid the circle formation death tactic. Battanian cav is pretty evenly matched against vlandia vanguard and scout, and vlandia nobles have a strong presence. Really depends on the terrain too.

    Calvary actively goes for archers and I’ve been apart of huge cav vs cav battles where it’s usually around 100vs100 divided on both flanks. It’s been insanely fun and I recommend it. I play with limited mods that help fix AI and spears. Very vanilla with original troop trees. Hope this help sorry if me sound like mountain bandit me marry rock live in rock castle
  4. The Great Bannerlord Mod Ideas Thread

    Ancient Greece mod with all their Phalanxes and ramming ships, Illyrians, dacians, Thracians, Celts!

    Witcher universe but entirely focused on the nations and their politics and wars instead of monsters and Witcher’s.
  5. Questions

    So I just hit 600 hours gameplay today. Still haven't done a solid playthrough cause I get bored when I begin to snowball the map. New mods are changing the gameplay for me and I have been getting back into things, but could still use some help! Questions: ( Feel free to reply to one or all! )...
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