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Safrax the Free

Team: Barbarians
Here are my suggestions for visual improvements:

Add straps to shields like in the teaser gameplay trailer.

No more weapons stuck to back without a strap or holster. No strap means the weapon gets dropped when swapped.

Lances and spears break similar to shields.

Make infantry spears shorter 130-150 length and give them to spearmen units that prioritise them until they break.

Javelin bags could be updated to a simple burlap sack bag, with a strap. It’d be nice if there was a variation where the javelins are held on the left hand. The current bags are nice but could use an update.

Clipping. There is a lot of clipping. Swords scabbards need to be fixed differently so they’re actually on the hip, and not clipping through a horse or floating off the hip. They also clip through capes.

Arrow quiver clipping when running with a one a handed weapon. Lots of clipping through capes.

2-H sword option for either on the hip or back.

Updated pravis shield, kite shields or smaller round shields on sturgia horseman. Those giant shields look a little out of place on them.

Athletics buffs for wearing less armor.

Thanks for reading.
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