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    Can't control troops after enemy flees

    It would be nice to have full control over my troops back.
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.5

    I'll bring it up as a suggestion.
    Please do. Because if there is no strings attached to this change, it would be better to have the old system back.
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    4 level gain 1 Attribute point is NOT enough

    Can someone please explain to me how i can change how much atribute and focus points i gain per level.
    you can just give yourself atts and focus with a console command
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    Sturgia's unplayable

    this makes much more sense now as to why you are so mindlessly aggressive
    it doesn't. and if you take this kind of video as something of worth, then you are no better than a topic starter.
    and let me explain. these videos are F1-F3 art of war videos. If we take custom battle 100 SHA will beat 100 Legioneers if I control SHA. But then again, if I control Legineers they will beat SHA.
    these videos are in no shape or form can serve as an indication of anything.
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    In Progress 1.6.4. Clans are poor and their leaders are losing troops.

    I made a ticket with a save file attached.
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    In Progress 1.6.4. Clans are poor and their leaders are losing troops.

    Summary: this How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name Media Computer Specs: stand by for a ticket with a save file.
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    Resolved 1.5.10 Faction leaders and other lords constantly lose troops

    @MArdA TaleWorlds
    1.6.4. the issue is still there. Raganvad and all his clan are poor. They are losing troops or can not recruit them.
    Do you need a save file?
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    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.4

    markings in character customization are not working.
    i also can not copy-paste a character design :sad:
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    I'm done with this game.

    away with you vile beggar
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    I'm done with this game.

    1) you should probably change megachad to megavirgin.
    Ok then.
    The only useless Sturgian unit is a Spearman, this unit has no value, role. It does not have any application in the army.
    My Sturgian party of 340 units kills 1500 Khuzait army while losing under 30 units total.
    SHA has an average KD of 10.
    DC has an average KD of 12.
    Sturgian Archers are good enough to serve as bait and as anti-cav units. Their kd of .09 or 0.8 is sufficient for their role. They are not your top killers.
    Sturgian Heavy Axeman can kill everything in the game if used properly. Which includes formation, use of ranged weapons. Mind you these guys carry very powerful javelins. Javelins which SHA can use in melee as a spear.
    I rarely use Linebreakers even if these guys can demolish Legioneers. Because in the current state of the game Linebreakers should be placed in their own group and I don't want to bother.
    Raiders... i no longer use them because they only carry 1 stack of javs and their polearm skill is not high enough to be effective.
    Your tears about shocktroops are silly. shocktroops were dying to T2-T3 melee units because AI can not use range of the weapon properly and attack speed of war razor is abysmal.
    And yes I'm playing Sturgia way longer than you. And i could understand the complaints about economy, terrain and travel time for armies. But you complain about units, that's pathetic.
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    I'm done with this game.

    I'll try the Vikings next game.

    just don't go F1-F3 art of war as topic starter obviously practicing.
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    I'm done with this game.

    Lost another battle because Sturgian Infantry is too hard for me to comprehend and use properly
    fixed that for you.
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    Eliminate a faction - Forever

    why TW never implement this feature???
    BL is missing a lot of vanilla WB features, features which I was thinking will be included in the base game by default.
    We will wait and see if TW would deliver a subpar product in the end or it would be a decent/good product.
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    Eliminate a faction - Forever

    or .......execute them!!!!!!
    the topic starter is aware of such an option, however, he wants to know how to eliminate a clan without taking the loss in relation.
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    Resolved 1.6.4. Typo in quest village needs draught animals description

    I thought sumpter horses were #1
    no, mules are number one, in a cataphract armor that is.
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