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Stream Settings - 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps?

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  • 720p 60fps

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Will make this video a weekly thing as long as Jon keeps updating his cool thread.
Thanks again to Jon for allowing me to do this, will try to catch up to the current week within the next few days since the video's wont be that long.

If you enjoy them like, comment & subscribe or if you don't like them still like, comment and subscribe :wink:
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streaming mm now 1

Thread update with relevant info on who manages, casts, commentates and moderates etc... Will still update some graphics. If anyone wants to moderate or commentate hmu on steam.

Will be trying to stream 3 officials this weekend if schedules align so keep an eye out for that. Most likely will be:

FTW vs Stark - Div A Quarter Final Match
Dayne vs Warbandits/Assyrian - Div B Quarter Final Match

streaming mm atm again


streaming mm with head admin lapache

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I just wanna take the time to thank everyone who is supporting the streams, giving great feedback even the people giving negative feedback. So thank you!

Thank you to Ciiges, Alecks, Error, Samu & *JAN* for commentating with me.

sry to charlie for leaving the scrim to go stream and taking all the players xDD