The Blood Rose

Main clan of the Vaegir kingdom, not heavily strict and has a ranking system based on skill.

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Our ranks are based on the Vaegir troop tree in the campaign, ranks that specify to one of the three classes are called specialist ranks and are the first requirement to be in leadership, the second requirement is loyalty and you must be appointed by someone above the leadership rank you want. Captains are the leaders of tactical management and making sure the plans made by the Commander work, the Commander is in charge of managing training and battles and establishing plans. To rank up in the standard ranks you can reach footman and skirmisher by approval of a captain.
To vassal into the Vaegir kingdom you must meet the following requirements; one or more notable members besides the clan leader, 8 more other members at least and only when there is promise those numbers will rise otherwise its 15. The clan can keep its name and banner but must follow the rank structure of the kingdom. The current clans under the Vaegir kingdom are the remnants of the Jackals under Sometimedrop and Krotawikz under Iron Pyromancer and the main clan leading and acting as the face of the kingdom is the Blood Rose temporarily lead by me.
"Are you organized and professional and serious?" yea nah m8, Vaegirs will never be more organized then they need to be. we don't call each other sir or anything like that.
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