update 1.8.0

  1. Resolved Server version is and there is no update of the game out

    Summary: A mismatch error that cannot be fixed by closing steam and reopening. I have done that. I have also reinstalled. How to Reproduce: Log in multiplayer Scene Name (if related): Login screen Media (Screenshots & Video): https://ibb.co/GQkkFr0 Computer Specs: OS: Win11 GPU: Nvidia 3070ti...
  2. Need More Info Terrain textures on the global map not Loading

    Summary: Got This issue after latest update Using 1.8.0 beta and 1.7.2 stable. Once on the global map instead of terrain its water all around. Once go to configs and just save them everything comes normal but its enough to visit town or have a battle (switch trough loading screen) terrain...
  3. Some research to the "upgrade preference" mechanism in 1.8.0 Beta and some advice about it

    In the recent 1.8.0 Beta change log, the game developers say "Hero party leaders now have preferred troop types when upgrading." and many of my friends who also play the game told me they do notice the difference. So, as a modder who make troop trees, I want to ask a question: how does the...
  4. Update 1.8.0

    After the end of the battle, a long download is underway, you need to fix this moment.
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