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troop count

  1. Lord troop counts not showing after army I was in disbands

    Summary: Lord troop counts not showing after army I was in disbands. This pertains to lords that were also part of that army aside from the leader of that army. How to Reproduce: 1.4.3 remain in army until it disbands. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): N/A Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  2. Resolved Bandit camps not showing number of bandits

    Summary: Bandit camps not showing number of bandits How to Reproduce: Was working in 1.4.2, when I loaded in with 1.4.3 there is always only ??? after parties now. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Hideout Media (Screenshots & Video): Would be easier if I could just attach... Version: 1.4.3...
  3. Player7

    Clan level question and suggestions

    Hi taleworld team, I appreciate all the work you all did for us making this game. I have a question on clan levels. What is the max clan level? Will you be willing to max clan level at 15? Can we have our companion married and still be in our clan like a family tree? These implemented...
  4. ChicoSmoothSkin

    Prisoners and Dungeons

    I would love to be able to stash prisoners in dungeons and have the ability to slowly convert them, so that they can later join the Garrison and I can recruit them from there. As of now they just stay there and do nothing, I have to bring them back to my party, have the burden of them staying...
  5. Attacking a Hideout

    Hi, in my opinion, there are two things that could be improved when attacking an hideout. - The ability to choose the troops and the companions that comes with us (sometimes I want to keep safe some precious soldiers or use tactics that aren't compatible with some of them). - The possibility of...
  6. Need More Info Visual Bug [Wounded Troops]

    The game is showing that I have wounded troops in my party, even though I do not. This is only a visual bug and doesn't actually affect the cap of the party however.
  7. Sir_Davros

    Need More Info Attacking force is half size of actual force

    This may not be a technical issue but I haven't picked up a M&B game for years, so... I'm only a few hours into the game, past tutorial, and I have a force of about 23 troops. I attacked a bandit camp of around 24 but when the actual 'battle' loads, I'm attacking with 10 (including myself). So...
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