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the union of calradia

  1. The Kingdom of Calradoi

    The Kingdom of Calradoi

    The Kingdom of Calradoi ,Old players since (2013) it is Mount & Blade II:Bannerlord Clan. The Union of Calradia with the oldguards aimin high and lookin foward to have fun in this community.Givin people to spend their time in well designed community. Disclaimer: Avatars & Banners were...
  2. The Duchy of Massoh

    The Duchy of Massoh

    Introduction: House of Massoh or Kingdom of Massoh is an old Build of Mount & Blade Clan the idea Created By Brunwick Massoh firstly the year of 2013 but the community get build up at 2014. The Golden Age of The House was 2015-2016. When Massohian's destiny forgotten until Mount & Blade II...
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