stairs stuck

  1. Resolved Dinar Castle

    Summary: I found two bugs while attacking / defending a siege in Dinar Castle (Khuzait Khanate). One appears to be an AI pathing bug onto a Tower, the other are messy stairs that the AI can sometimes not go up. How to Reproduce: Siege battle at Dinar Castle. Scene Name (if related): Dinar...
  2. Need More Info Units stuck in multiple parts of castle

    When I fought siege a battle assaulting Sturgian Castle level 3 (Vladiv Castle) I noticed that troops get stuck on different parts of the castle battlements.
  3. Arctander

    Need More Info Character got stuck off edge of stairs on Northern Hideout map

    Hope this isn't a repost, tried to find it already mentioned, but seems all "map" and "stuck" are related to other things. I was definitely stuck on the spot of the screen. Jumping and crouching while trying to move couldn't get me free. Here's two screenshots so that you know where it...
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