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  1. Resolved NAE/NAW servers are DOWN

    Summary: Reports from individuals in a steam chat have suggested the NAE and potentially NAW servers have gone down This issue occured sometime after 2200 UTC -6 on 10/14. Currently individuals are queued attempting to connect to NAE without any success. Please check server health! Thanks, Loop
  2. Resolved Servers for NA haven't worked for days

    TaleWorlds Devs, I come to you to let you know if you don't already.. your servers are down for NA. I can confirm that NAE//NAW servers for captain have not worked for the past couple days. Please fix this immediately. If its an issue of a contract with server center or something you rent from...
  3. Resolved North America (East) Bannerlord Captain Queueing is Broken Again

    Summary: Captain gamemode queueing on Bannerlord seems to be broken again. It has been a few days since anyone in the 30-person NAE Captain group that I'm in has reported that they've been able to get into a game which is highly unusual. We did a test a few days ago where we had 5 separate...
  4. hoonii

    Need More Info Game keeps force logging me off in match.

    Summary:Basically every now and then I got force logged off from the game while playing. This happened 3 times so far, and only happened while playing skirmish clan matches. After I get force logged out I can't log in back because it in the "Disconnected" screen it gets stuck at Please Wait and...
  5. Unresolved Dedicated Server Files

    Recently I used Dedicated Server Guide and open a server, this works well, after that day, my server never shows on Internet again, i tried in new PC and another Router and again, the same error, I don't know why, but I think Dedicated Files don't work more? or M&BNW now having an internal...
  6. Willem

    Unresolved a

  7. MArdA TaleWorlds

    Oceania Region Server Maintenance 10/06/2020

    We are planning to undergo maintenance for the Oceania region servers that will start today. Estimated time is 1 hour. The server will be close while the maintenance is ongoing. We are expecting server outages after the maintenance ends. We will update this thread after the maintenance is ended.
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