1. Need More Info Rebel clan declares war

    Summary: So I had my own empire and khuzait city rebelled before I left khuzaits. I even saved this so called rebel clan leader from imprisonment and I was expecting to recruit him well turns out you cant anyways... its been a long time and I've seen that rebel clan destroyed notification on top...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Today I let the AI f6 a siege out of spite and disgust for the lack of being able to jus.... well ANYTHING

    I took razih of the Aserai faction, beautiful town, fully upgraded, 5k something prosperity, install full security garrison and a golden boy governor, continue irrigation, you know the pro plan to stabilize the town, nothing special. On to the next one. Everything's fine at first..... then it...
  3. Nodice83

    Resolved e1.5.8 - Rebels do not spawn

    Hi, I believe its is very much self explanatory. Haven't seen any info on turning this feature off so i believe it is a bug of some sort. It seems to be not only my problem.
  4. Monkey

    In Progress [1.5.7 Beta Unmodded] Multiple Settlement rebel clans with the same name

    Though I'm not 100% sure it's a bug, I'm reporting it as a bug because I believe it to be either a bug or a bad design decision. In this game I started there were two rebellions in Husn Fulq in a more or less quick succession. In the second time, a second "Husn Fulq rebels" clan was created with...
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