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quick talk

  1. Lornloth00

    Quick Talk in Keeps has wrong sounds

    It doesn't make sense that the quick talk scenes in the keeps have the sound of people fighting in the background. It would make more sense for there to be no sounds in the background, bards playing lutes or harps or just ambience. Its very distracting to hear noises like that when reading quest...
  2. Lornloth00

    tavern backgrounds for the quick talk in taverns

    Could there be tavern backgrounds for the quick talk screens for companions in taverns instead of the background being the castle interior background? Its not very immersive to see the companion in the castle interior instead of the tavern especially when they would not be welcomed in the castle...
  3. nereid

    Quick Talk Background

    Thanks for adding the quick talk function. I really like it but could you please create a distinction between the village and town quick talk background? For example using the quick talk function to talk to a village headman in Vlandia will result in the headman talking in front of a city wall...
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