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quest log

  1. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Curse on Lord's crops

    Hi, I have an idea for a new quest. Player can help to resolve an issue for one of the Lords. There are 11 different combinations, how to complete this quest. There are different rewards that depend on decisions made by the player. Best regards, Gojek
  2. Need More Info Main Quest failing in 10 years bug continuing

    With today's 1.0.11 update, the main quest failing after 10 years was fixed, my question is do you have to make a new save if your current one already has the quest failed, or is there some work-around to get the quest back up and running again?
  3. ManaWei

    Need More Info Bugged Quests

    I'm going to link to the screenshot i took - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2049477950 - Now i did get the reward money and the reputation, but it's obviously it's registering as another quest for some reason.. All i can do is watch it run out and reduce the reputation...
  4. Need More Info Completed Quest Remains Active - Changes Quest Type?

    I had completed a quest to clear out a bandit's nest for Luichan the Far-Farer. However, later on when checking my quest logs, I noticed that it still appears to be active. This is despite it stating the text informing me that I have completed the task. The text within the quest log for...
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