1. Resolved Exiting In-Game Encyclopedia in Post-Battle Prisoner Screen skips to Loot Screen

    After a battle, exiting the encyclopedia with ESC while on the Prisoner exchange screen will often skip to the Loot screen, as if it thinks I hit ESC twice. Patch: 1.5.6 Intel i7 AMD Radeon 5600xt
  2. Adryl

    I wish you could try to recruit captured lords

    As per title - after a battle, when I defeat a bunch of enemy lords and take them prisoner, I wish I could talk to them in my Party screen and try to recruit them as per the normal process (convince + bribe). I feel like this would make sense and be a lot more immersive. As it is, it can be...
  3. ZavodilaSauklus

    Make Bannerlord Great. Part 4: Improving sieges for cities (battle within a city); Living world and perks; Sound during combat.

    Improving sieges for cities (battle within a city) 78.)Make it possible to retreat to the city and hold the defense there, having previously fortified the position. There is no need to make any captures of points, the goals of attackers and defenders are quite simple. Kill all defenders for...
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