1. Fanto

    Resolved Lageta mapping bug

    Summary: Two towers of the lageta walls don't have door because there are two tower textures in the same place. How to Reproduce: Battle Map Lageta (siege) Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Lageta with walls level 2 Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs...
  2. How can i give a Map a own Name?

    Hi everyone, I am a Mapper and have a own Server. I loaded my own Maps up and replaced them with other Maps. So my Question is...can i give my Maps own Names like..."TrainingsMap1"..or so? Cause it is very problematic when one of my Friends joined on the Server and cant find his Map....
  3. In Progress General Is this a bug?

    It's one of the maps I made. If you go for 24 minutes and 37 seconds of this video, the ground texture is green. (Warning: Ost is included) If you go to the link here. (Sorry. I couldn't upload the image. But I filled out the earth-texture...
  4. Kingclone's Speed Mapping

    I'm sorry, friends! I was not used to this format of the forum because I live in Korea. So I'll put them all up here! Thank you, Revverie. if the image is not working You'll see the image here. I'm so sorry.
  5. Tutorial Scenes Kingclone's Mapping Tutorial

    #1 The Basic of Basics I'm not good at teaching anyone, but I'll make it for you because there are people requesting it. #2 Apply a map to Custom Battle 00:00 intro 00:23 Make Terrain 04:40 Spawn Point 06:23 Save the map 07:00 Xml 08:18 Let's test 10:29 Thank you for Watching !
  6. My first map (Practice - Adaptation)

    Hello! Everyone, I am a user who made many PW maps for the Korean Warband community. This is one of those maps. With the launch of the map editor on Bannerlord, To practice, I made a map to do various experiments! But I don't know how to do "Entry Point" stuff like that. Finally, the...
  7. EbdanianAdmiral

    RCC Cartography Guild

    ill make it look pretty later I swear RCC Cartographers Guild Members Zaffa Edwards Ebdanian Belendor Valarr Busstop14 Warband Archives [/SPOILER][/TD][/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER][/SPOILER] [/TR] [/TABLE] [/SPOILER] Completed Bannerlord Maps In Progress Bannerlord Maps
  8. Resolved Can't assign custom key mappings via Mouse and Keyboard settings tab.

    When I try to change a key mapping via the game settings menu in the `Mouse and Keyboard` tab, whenever I click on an action to change it's mapped key, it automatically assigns the `Left Mouse Button`. I can't assign any other value.
  9. Nabo0n

    Resolved Makeb walls

    Summary: Just searching mapping bugs around the game. How to Reproduce: Take a walk around the town center in Makeb. Go on walls look at the battlement. Quest/Settlement Name (if related): Makeb Media (Screenshots & Video): Version x Installed community-made modifications...
  10. BUS

    Mapper looking to help

    Looking to make scenes for Bannerlord as I am pretty well grounded with Warbands scene making. Been doing it some time now with different RP servers that be either making them completely new or even detailing the finishing touches. Here some of my work. Many more of course if your...
  11. BUS

    Need More Info Vlandia City only Map Errors

    Vlandia: Seems there are two different versions of the city map. We will call for my sake as I don’t know your code Charas city - City 1 and Sargot City 2. Seems the City 2 maps have the same error for the Vlandians as well City 1 map for Charas and the others that are alike. Summary: Map...
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