1. Resolved Retracted - fixed

    Retracted - fixed
  2. Need More Info Soooo i cheated... And game running REAL choppy!

    Just want to say I LOVE THE GAME and have put in over 250hours, just tinkering with different things on this save atm, thus the cheating. Summary: Ok so the problems are after leaving the game running for about 12 hours and it click spamming on the sell tab I have 2.14billion gold (not the point...
  3. Dead-__-Wish

    Need More Info Freezing in battles

    First of all, i have a really good pc and doesn’t matter how i beat up setting, it is still so laggy and unstable... it freezes in battles for ever 2 seconds, and when im pressing any movement keys or hit button, it gets worse. i barely play it now... this happens in campaign battles... please...
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