ladder bug

  1. CaptainFracas

    Need More Info [1.2.9] can't climb a ladder on a moving siege tower

    When trying to climb a ladder on a moving siege tower, the player can't reach the top of the tower. On top of that, is the tower is not on flat ground, the player just can't start to climb the ladder.
  2. CaptainFracas

    In Progress [1.2.9] troops following orders with delay and disorganized when using ladders

    As you can see in the video, when attacking in sieges, if a player wants to reposition his formation (to attack the gate for example) when they're using ladders. Units are following the orders with delay and not organized as one formation. (you can see another bug that I don't know where it came...
  3. Sanctumm

    Resolved 1.5.8 AI not attacking

    I am playing beta branch 1.5.8 Under siege of Pendraic Castle (im attacking) I just tried just run a siege with ram only I did a charge cause half my men stands afk at the start position They run in and start climbing the ladders I go up with them and let myself be killed The AI immediatly...
  4. simxd

    Resolved Siege towers broken

    troops only use the middle ladder and never use all 3 had this problem since launch

    The ladders are clearly not working please get to work on fixing them or change the siege towers with ladders to use ramps

    Please launch fixes to the seige engine as my troops wont even go up the ladders on seige towers and wall ladders also when they bust through the outer gate hardly any troops attack the inner door also people are getting stuck in all sorts of places
  7. Resolved Sieges - Units Stay at Bottom of Ladders

    I'm playing a game that initially was part of the beta but then i changed properties in steam to go back to regular and continued with the same file so it doesn't have the same modules as it initially started with but it's been working alright so far, besides the sieges. Basically, the units go...
  8. bklolo

    SP - Battles & Sieges Please fix the AI bug preventing troops from climbing the ladders during a siege battle...

    I'm tired of losing battles due to AI getting stuck in an up and down climb on the ladder!
  9. Count Scipio

    Resolved [e1.1.0/e1.1.1] broked AI pathfinding in ladders + stuck in ladders, Siege performance is worst

    Since e1.1.0 is been released, all sieges are been annoyingly trouble with bug and FPS issues (never had FPS problems since ladder lag was fixed) - AI is getting stuck on a ladder and not able to get to the wall until the siege match ended: example...
  10. Need More Info Ladder bug

    Settlement Name Triby Castel Version: e1.0.7 Hello, i finde a bug both ladders on the left side of the castel doesnt let the units on the wall
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